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how not to be jealous?
Being jealous is who you are. I am jealous to, and in stead of ... great for me. I have a man that knows I am jealous. I told him, if I am going to be with you...
Why is God jealous?????????????????????
It is important to understand how the word “jealous” is used. Its use in Exodus... example would be that one person might be jealous or envious of another because of his or her beauty...
Being jealous...?
Having a jealous bf is a bad thing! People use being jealous to... it that way on purpose. When someone is so jealous, it makes life hard. So don't put up with it!!!
????????Are Geminis jealous? ?
oh YES they are indeed a jealous person. indeed they are just a human that are capable of being a volcano.... and NO they're not quiet about it at all. if they're jealous, they might keep it to themselves at first but if they feel it's too...
Christians: Is true love jealous?
When we use the word “jealous,” we use it in the sense of being envious of someone who has something... (such as athletic ability). Another example would be that one person might be jealous or envious of another because of his or her beauty. In Exodus...
Do you have jealous siblings?
I have a jealous mum. Let's just say she used to hit me alot as a child and... she seems to hardly feel any empathy. And she is sooo jealous of my education it is quite ridiculous/sick. She is so ...
do you get jealous?
My dear... Angel.... NO !!! I have never been jealous of "anybody" in my life, because jealouscy implies ...insecurity in...
Was Scorpio Jealous ?
Scorpio Men are EXTREMELY jealous and if you can avoid not making them jealous...very serious men. Sounds like he was jealous, if he ignored your text you may have to wait...
Have you been jealous?
I am a very jealous person i have two very pretty sisters and alot of pretty ... realize now that its just life and when your jealous you tend to put the person your jealous of on a pedistale. ...
Leo... how do u act when jealous...?
well when I get jealous i either: a. get suddenly quiet, cold and try to bother myself with something else and...39;s better than me; and then I'll try to make him jealous so he can get a taste of his own medicine. if my bf gives...