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Chronic Irritation?!?
... of the vulva are very delicate, the area is susceptible to irritation and inflammation. Some common vulval problems include: Skin ...
Irritation after period ?
It's likely irritation from menstrual products or yeast infection. Tampons commonly cause vaginal...or Kotex contain chemicals that can effect healthy flora (can also cause irritation or allergic reaction). If you've been misusing tampons...
Can masturbating too much cause irritation?
Masturbating frequently can absolutely cause irritation. The membranes and tissues in that area are both thin...
How to avoid irritation from eyebrow waxing?
Common Skin Irritations Caused by Waxing - Unwashed skin... hypoallergenic products fail to improve irritation, give plucking a try or consult a dermatologist for...
Female help? Vaginal Irritation?
The irritation could be from a number of things. His facial or pubic hair could... that if I leave any lubrication on myself it causes irritation, so I make sure to clean up before bed to avoid any itching.
Skin rash/irritation......
... your skin. The best way to heal these irritations is to stop the friction and give the sensitive inflamed skin a chance to...
Pad rash/irritation?.......?
...little more breathable and free from chemicals or bleach so less likely to cause irritation - plus lower risk of infection and exposure to dioxin. Better still would be...
ear irritation?
sounds like an irritation more than an infection. it's usually best to let the piercing...the piercing to help it heal. do this like twice a day, then once the irritation goes away, switch out your earring.
Shaving causing skin irritation?
...more oils and make breakout a reality. 2) You shave too harshly --> skin irritation --> breakout 3) Your shaving foam contain fragrance, plant irritants...
shaving irritation?
...not at an angle). 3. Use a good shaving cream to reduce friction and irritation. Really work the shaving cream for at least two minutes, and...