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While Evites are typically sent instantly, they can take longer at times... in to your account and clicking on the title of the appropriate Evite. The "viewed" date will be displayed next to the guest...
What's your Evite etiquette?
... of people seem to wait up until the day prior regardless if it is a Evite or personal mailed invitation. People don't care about proper ...
recommend a website for planning events?, like evite, but one that asks guests which dates they are available?
evite will actually allow your guests to pick which date works best for them. all you have to do then is just sign into evite and check your account for the answers-there is no trying...
Any one have experience with evite invitattions?
Evite is pretty simple...visit the site, pick a date, template, add in your invite...
I am not getting mail from friends for EVITE. I logged on evite and they sent me a code, I did not receive.why
...same problem. I stopped receiving Evite invitations in my Yahoo inbox... ISP plays no role in the path between Evite and Yahoo, so ISP isn't the answer...
Congratulations Jennifer! I am a huge fan of evite. It is user friendly, and there are a lot of cool funky ...
Is sending an evite ok?
These days evites are very 'in'. The website even has...
Evite help?
it's a server problem on the evite site. save the evite and try again like in a couple of hours, let them(evite)clear up the situation.
Evite ettiquette: Removing guests from guest list?
if they havent viewed the evite, and you can pull it back from them without noticing, i would......those who rsvp'd, and just say to the others sorry they missed the evite, and if they haven't rsvp'd just disregard it.
Does a landlord have to give a judge signed, notarized evite Shin notice and how long do we have ?
evite Shin? Do you mean eviction? And, you have as long is as stated on the eviction notice.