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What does invaluable mean?
in·val·u·a·ble /inˈvalyo͞oəbəl/ Adjective: Extremely useful; indispensable: "an invaluable source of information". Synonyms: priceless - inestimable - inappreciable
What does "invaluable" mean in this paragraph?
invaluable - unable to put value on - priceless or as thesaurus would say: beyond price, costly, dear, expensive, helpful, inestimable, precious, serviceable, valuable so basically VERY IMPORTANT
So Atheists: What invaluable lessons have you learned from the Bible & are you living in accordance with them?
The most invaluable lesson I've learned from the Bible is that even when...
What is the difference between valuable and invaluable?
INVALUABLE means the objects value can't be determined, "Not appraisable", Priceless .
Why doesn't invaluable mean worthless?
... decided long ago that one of those words would be "invaluable" -- as in "unable to be ascribed a value" not because its...
Meaning of invaluable?
..., including the contents sealed inside, it is invaluable. Priceless.
whats the difference between *valuable* and *invaluable*?
Valuable means worth a lot, while invaluable means worth beyond counting. Famous means well ...
Do you think Daylight Savings is invaluable or not?
It is not 'invaluable'. It has some benefits and some drawbacks...
Help guys! Your words invaluable...?
"Your words invaluable" is neither a question nor a sentence. Get over the broad and focus more on learning.
How do i become an invaluable employee in my company?
I recommend the book Invaluable by Dave Crenshaw. Read this book and surely you'll get more knowledge about becoming Invaluable in your workplace.