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Difference between the superior and inferior colliculi?
The inferior colliculi (Latin, lower hills) together with the superior colliculi... quadrigemina, and also part of the tectal region of the midbrain. The inferior colliculus lies caudal to its counterpart - the superior ...
Venus appears brightest at INFERIOR or SUPERIOR conjunction?
Inferior conjunction is when Venus resembles a New Moon...the far side of the sun. Venus definitely appears LARGEST at inferior conjunction, because this is when Venus is closest to the...
I feel inferior to my fiance?
You feel inferior not because you have not the brilliant academic mind your fiance ...have to complete and complement each other, then you won't feel inferior about yourself anymore. You should try to be more open ...
I feel very inferior?
Eleanor Roosevelt once said that no one can make you feel inferior with your consent, and I agree. The unique predicament that you'...
Will women always feel inferior?
I have never felt inferior... As far as Strength dictating gender based power...
Are Natives/First Nations inferior?
Inferior? Based only upon your personal interpretation of human achievements...
borderline hypokinetic inferior wall?
Inferior wall is the bottom muscle wall of the left heart. You are probably... slightly worse than normal. In 70% of cases, the inferior wall of the left heart is supplied by the right coronary artery, the rest...
What makes a person inferior?
Nothing MAKES a person inferior. It is a personal choice to believe that one is less than ...inferiority complex." He'd never used that term, preferring "inferiority feelings." But the reporter had given people a buzz...
Inferior goods (non-giffen)?
Demand for inferior goods and normal goods have exactly the same relationship... and foremost. When price goes down for an inferior good, you have an income effect and a substitution effect. The income...
Compare the pulmonary veins and the inferior vena cava.?
The inferior vena cava is a larger caliber vein. Both return blood to the heart. - - -