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Just wondering how accurate this chinese gender chart is........
It's not 100% accurate by a long shot. It's not scientific at all. With that said it worked for both of my children and 18 out of the 22 women I checked. This is not an average. We all just got lucky.
Where in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty was an egg?
You're asking the tough questions this morning fo sho. I didn't really dig too deep into this, but nothing is definitive about HD being an egg. As was suggested, I think it may just be based on context and '...
what site has short parable stories ??
make my bibliography for me??????
... Parent's Guide to Internet Safety 12 May 2009 <
Engineering colleges please..? ENGINEERING ...
Any site where i can find inspirational reading with follow-up activity?
From website: Inspirational stories A short inspirational story...
can any one tell me internet sights which can give information about african elephants?and asian elephants? and
give me some good baby names starting from 'N'?
whats the rest of this poem ? Scroll down you will find it.
Are there any good sites where I can learn more about the Indian culture? Try this.