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Inches are a measurement of length. Liters are a measurement of mean a bucket, or a barrel is filled up with water to a level of 8 inches. Think of it this way: if the bucket was very narrow, 8 inches...
How many picas are in an inch?
6 picas to an inch 9 picas is 1.5 inches. Quick...144 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 ft = 12 inches = 72 picas 1 in = 6 picas = 72 points...
160cm how many feet and inches?
... are divided into 10 and 100 parts. But an inch is still and inch, so anything on one ruler can be translated to the...
156cm is how many inch?
61.42 inches or... 5.118 feet 1.56 meters 1.706 yards its...
Is 5 Inches Enough?
5 inches when erect? well either way yes it is enough to please a woman! trust me... to hurt them! i no i wouldnt be attracted to a guy with a 10 inch penis!!!! ewww! but then again i wouldnt want a guy who is less than 4 inches...
12 inches makes a foot. What makes an inch?
An inch is an old fashioned way old-Charles Butler, a mathematics... School, in 1814 recorded the old legal definition of the inch to be "three grains of sound ripe barley being taken out the...
A 20 inch T.V set also has a width of 16 inches. What is its height?
12 inches. According to the Pythagorean theorem, the diagonal of a rectangle (or... = h²). The square of the diagonal is 400 (or 20²) inches and of the width is 256 (or 16²) inches; so the square of the...
How much in feet and inches?!?
An inch is 2.54cm. So, divide 175 by 2.54 and you get your height in inches (68.9). There are 12 inches in a foot, so divide 68.9 by 12 (5.74). The 0.74 doesn't make sense in...
Converting cubic inches?
1 inch = 25.4 millimeters 1 cubic inch = 16387.064 cubic mm (25.4*25.4*25.4) 100 cubic inch = 1638706.4 cubic mm
Cubic Inches.?
... of a sphere is Pi x r cubed if d = 2r = 2 11/16 inches r = 1.34375 inches r cubed = 2.4264 cubic inches Pi...