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HTTP Status 404 - /imgres?
HTTP 404 means requested page is not exists in server. ~ Things are deleted or missing or disappear. Find something else to look for.
What kind of car is this?
suzuki x-90 i think
What kind of dog is this?
what goes with this headband?
Anything. It will just look like you braided part of your hair, so you can wear whatever you want.
Which one is prettier?
i cant decide....
Take a luk at this avatar.
It looks like scooby-doo and a cat mixed together.
Where can I get pants like these?
Those are adorable!! Try Nordstroms or Nemain Marcus. They usually have really cute jeans like that but they're really expensive. If you're looking for an affordable price, try target! They might have similar...
what is thi piercing called?
Simply... Hip piercing! Just ask for a hip piercing and they'll give you the proper word (dermal piercing) A dermal piercing is practically ANYWHERE other the the other named ones (tragus...
What website makes cell phone cases like this?
look up crystal hello kitty phone case on ebay
around how much would this tattoo cost?
well hat's a pretty big one so i'm gonna say a couple of hundred pounds. it does depend where you go though on how much they'll charge per hour plus the artists minimum price. Best bet is ti figure out where you want it and go and ask them, tell them how big you want it etc. and...