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True or false: it’s hard for an 8 month pregnant woman to work an 8 hour shift?
I'd imagine so. The extra weight would put pressure on the feet and legs. I've never been in that situation thought..
Why do Disney films always depict children being very disrespectful to their parents?
..., the children know this, but the films allow them to imagine a world where they could do what they want with no danger. Often though there...
Why me, Lord!?
he didn't. You're just imagining it.
Why aren’t child rapists put in general pop in prison?
Imagine if they were....for some reason, even professional sociopaths do not accept their idea that they couldn't help themselves or the child is to blame. Imagine that!
Illegals Into Your Home?
i wouldnt be surprised if they really did this i wont say what i would do
Women who eat anything other than vegetables, why are you not trying harder to work on your weight?
imagine believing that women really worry about body shapes so gross, perverted men can eat McDonald's and wank their stuff to her body.
How can I overcome my extreme agoraphobia and social anxiety?
..., and using that ranked list as your objectives. Imagining a situation can be an objective. Start with something really, really easy. If...
John Walker Lindh, aka the American Taliban, is projected to be released from FCI Terre Haute on May 23, 2019. Where do you think he'll go?
Obama's house for a Sharia Summit.
Do hermits have parties?
Yeah by living. Imagine all that porn they watch!
I love the band Imagine Dragons but all of my friends make fun of me, what can I do to convince them that they’re actually really good?
I wouldn't worry about trying to convince them. I imagine they've heard some of their music and have come by their...