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Illegal Imigration?
...where so-called poor poverty stricken illegals from Mexico who only make 10 dollars... dwindling while the ranks of rich illegals are growing in the US. In...
Why is Marijuana illegal?
In response to "The reason it's illegal is because it is harmful to both your...anyone with even a remotely good reason of why it is illegal. Wake up people. WE ARE LIVING...
How does illegal immigration affect the tax payers?
The cost of illegal immigration is $338 billion a year. Do you think that would increase our... such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens. http :// 3...
Limewire illegal?
Limewire isn't illegal as a program. It's what you could download off of it that is illegial...
what is illegal movies?
illegal movies, are either ones that are banned from ...certain pornography that isn't approved by your country. Or just illegally downloading a movie can be an illegal movie. It really all ...
how does one become a illegal immigrant?
Amnesty for illegal aliens Issues Vernon Briggs, a Cornell... can compete with guest workers." An amnesty for illegal aliens forgives their act of illegal immigration and implicitly...
i love smoking weed but its illegal?
It is illegal because of a man named harry j. anslinger, back in the 1920's he was is because of his anti-marijuana propaganda that weed was made illegal and stays illegal today.
is illegal immigraion a good thing?
illegal immigration is never a good thing. It strips state coffers...own citizens in need. There's little of value to go around when illegals insist on those services too. The only people who benefit from illegal...
What are your opinions on ILLEGAL Immigration...?
Illegals are costing this country and the taxpayer too much! Higher property and school taxes, more...for medical care to give aid to these people, more money paid out in WIC for the children of illegals who collect on babies born here! Time to see that illegals get one more free thing courtesy...
illegal car???
... on what the infraction is. Your vehicle may be deemed illegal in one state, but not in the next state up the road. One example would be: ...