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yasai o tabenakereba ikemasen [Japanese]?
...subject) have to eat vegetables. I'm not sure but I think ikemasen is from iku and means "cannot go" (I don'...
Japanese | ~nakereba (narimasen or ikemasen)?
... no difference, except that Narimasen is a bit more formal than Ikemasen. You'll use narimasen more in formal writing. Unless the...
How do you say in Japanese, you musn't wear too much jewelry (preferably using ikemasen)?
...いけません。 ジュエリーをつけすぎてはいけません。 If you don 't care of ikemasen, I would wrote like this as well: ジュエリーのつけすぎはきんもつ...
Anyone knows what Shitte wa ikemasen means and what language it's in?
It's Japanese for "You must not do it!" or "It is forbidden!" Look for it on the page in the Sources field. Do itashimashite! ("You're welcome!")
What does "dezaato o taberu mae ni, sarada o tabenakereba ikemasen" means in japanese?
You must eat salad before you eat dessert
What is the difference between these two negative forms? (Japanese)?
-te wa ikemasen. This is like saying "It's bad if you do this." ... reply to this, it sounds most natural to say something like: "iie, ikemasen." or "iie, dame desu." But anything works, even the "naide kudasai" form...
Japanese translation help?
"To ikemasen" is the ending of a sentence meaning that you must do whatever...
Can anyone translate some japanese words?
Picture one: itte wa ikemasen = must not go Shite wa ikemasen = must not do Nete = neru = sleep...
Grammar- Japanese question?
... my explanation for 'ja nakute' and 'ikemasen'. The particle in your example, 'ja'... ni iku toki wa, pasupooto ga yuukou de wa ikemasen. →When you go abroad, your passport is...
You ni in Japanese, is it replaced by nakute?
... be more natural sounding. Whereas: Tabenakute wa ikemasen= You aren't allowed to eat. Would mean "It...