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Did Billy Graham Ever Preach a Sermon Against Segregation in the 1950's or 1960's?
I think not. "Only when Christ comes again will the little white children of Alabama walk hand in hand with little black children." ... -Graham He was significantly positioned to influence countless people by...
What makes a society appreciate a foreign culture?
...society apart from and above tribal and savage countries is the ability to identify, appreciate, celebrate, and learn from other societies without putting ...
Do you believe that Vince Foster actually committed suicide?
Sadly, there's evidence to the contrary: "Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster" and other books; then there're other books on other issues: "Dr. Mary's Monkey;"...
Why do conservatives claim "illegals" voting is a problem in this country?
... of the steps an undocumented immigrant must go through to vote. 1. Identify a registered voter 2. Determine that person's voting...
Is there any actual video of Nick Crus wasting all those kids? How does everyone know he is Guilty already? Don't Investigations Take Time?
Probably eye witness survivors identifying him. He was known to many at that school.
Should administrations of universities identify suspected conservatives and christians and expel them.?
No need for that - they just make sure to never hire them in the first place.
How do you write a winning scholarship question?
1 The crucial first step: identifying your audience 2 The hardest part: answering the question...
Question about gun control, so confused?
...many people, whom would otherwise have never been tested, will be identified as needing help putting further strain on clinic tesources.
Identify the oxidizing and reducing agents.?
Sn{2+} is the reducing agent. Fe{3+} is the oxidizing agent. NH3 is the reducing agent. O2 is the oxidizing agent, not surprisingly. SnO2 is the oxidizing agent. C is...
Can a Baronet also be a Lord?
...a STYLING borne by peers. All peers can be identified as Lord: a duke is My Lord Duke, other ...