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What is being asked for in this power series question?
It looks like you've correctly identified that S(x) = e^((x-3)^2), but you've gotten the derivative wrong...
Can transgender men get pregnant ?
...during fetal development. Always refer to a person, any person, by the gender they identify as. With that out of the way.... YES, a transgender man can become pregnant...
Is New York City safe to visit if I identify as lgbt?
Yes, it is. We've got the biggest dang pride parade there is, every year. It's a fun time to visit, especially if you're LGBT. It's a giant party in the streets.
Were trans women born male?
Yes. And they are STILL male. The only difference being - NOW they identify as 'female'.
How many times a month do male identifying Liberals menstruate?
The strange thing is that this isn’t even a joke anymore. Most FtM transpeople have a strong liberal bias.Meaning that the answer is potentially above 0.
Am I in trouble?
No one knows if you're in trouble, we can only guess. But treat this as a learning experience. If he's from the DSS they would record all their calls to protect themselves (as well as for evidence with which to prosecute you). So if he's...
Why do some women on yahoo answers complain about their husband, when they havent even talked to their husband about the concern?
... far before they want to solve a problem. Other women usually identify this, but men hear it as needless complaining and it never makes...
Trying to book flight name to use?
... to board a flight and they are trying to find some way to identify you. But then, if you have lost your passport you shouldn't be ...
dear americans can you help me about your ancestry and heritage?
I live in rural southern California. Most people here have Spanish and/or indigenous native ancestry. Anglos are a minority!!
M or F? Week 5, hydro grow, good nutrients & schedule but no answer yet. this is bag seed that I was testing w prior to the "good" seeds?
Male or hermie. Those look like male flowers. If it was a hermaphrodite there would have been evidence of female hairs about 2 weeks after the start of the grow period before male flowers start to appear. However, your...