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What does the first kanji in "genki" mean? ?
Origin or first. edit: with one it becomes ichigen and means one unit.
People that know Japense...PLease answer this?
It's not correct Japanese, but I believe you're trying to say, "That person is coming to break your husband's heart! She will step all over it. It has already fallen out! You'll pay for that, each piece...
How do you say your first class in Japanese?
...class 一時間目(の授業) ichijikan-me (no jugyou) or 一限目(のクラス) ichigen-me (no kurasu) My first class happens to be ...
Is it true?
...unacceptable. And most venerable restaurants in Kyoto refuse "Ichigen-san" (The first timers or first visitors...
Who is the Silver King's love interest in the anime K? Is it the Gold King?
... Kuroh who has an obsession/deep love for his previous master Ichigen Miwa. You should really watch the anime, I personally think that...
Can I have a list of all the yaoi moments in the anime K Project?
...39;Black Dog, Kuro' Kuroh Yatogami Ichigen Miwa - 'Black Dog, Kuro' Kuroh ...