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Is it healthy to eat hot foods?
Hot peppers are good for you, actually any vegetables are... metabolism, thus making your body burn more calories - the hotter the better! The only concern you may face with eating hot ...
question on hot sauce?
The hottest "hot sauce" would be something that is pure capsicum extract, i.e. ... that extract - no true flavor, just a bitter, chemical taste. The world's hottest non-extract hot sauce is Lethal Ingestion. I got...
Hot Spots!!!?
Hot spots? check out paradise cove, or north shore, island of Oahu not hot enough for you. check out teh other islands like Maui or teh Big Island.
What is the hottest...?
... Sauce One of the very best Austin hot sauces. An excellent straight-forward habanero sauce, winner of the 1999 ...
Who is hottest?
Hottest white chick= Britney Spears Hottest black chick= Halle Berry Hottest latina chick= Jennifer lopez Hottest asian chick= Lucy Lui
another word for hot or cold ?
hot broiling, burning, fiery, hot, piping hot, red-hot, roasting...
Why are hot dogs called red hots?
Red Hots is a brand name of hot dogs in the Chicago area and they...quot;red hots" are from the New England area - the hot dogs are more brightly red colored than the hot dogs you...
Which do you hate more, being cold or hot?
hot....when your cold you can warm up with a jacket...cant do anything when your hot..
Poll: Hot or Cold......??
Hot or Cold .......Is it drink or bath ??? Any Choice ???
What are some good similes or metaphors that use the word hot?
so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk it was so hot I burned myself to cool off hot as a firecracker hot as the ...