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General hopsital??
I swear these days you can go days or weeks without watching and NOT miss too much. Sonny: He's dealing with the guilt that HE is responsible for Michaels permanent coma. His mission right now is to draw...
hopsital tests?
So many questions in one! Let's see. Simple blood tests will reveal anaemia, infection, type of infection, diabetes, kidney or liver functions, blood cancer etc. Xray can show you not only bones but also diseases of...
Hopsital Privacy?
Twice. Horrible! I was just a... thing for physicians and nurses jane
Hopsital costs?
The average vaginal birth in the united states without complications or pain medication is about $14,000. You will need to find out if your insurance will cover pain medication, or if it is extra. How they cover complications, or a possible...
who likes general hopsital?
I watch two soaps, All My Children and General Hospital and have watched those shows since the 70's...I like the characters in both shows, but GH seems to have better...
Southern CALI... Hopsitals that have water birth avail?
Here is a list that can help you narrow it down There is one listed in Redlands
Computers at hopsital?
Yes... It does not interfere with any of their equipment. They use computers there all the time doctors use them for checkups and easy databases... trust me.. it's safe. Your good to go.
Urine test in hopsital showed that I'm pregnant?
I can imagine being in denial at first if you find out like that, but you're really definitely pregnant. That urine test can only come up positive if your urine contains a hormone you only produce in large enough quantities during pregnancy.
knee osteomy hopsital?
I am not sure of this particular surgery, like the specifics, but you can ask the doctor to go into detail about it. I do work in a hospital and usually they do ask you to remove all of your undergarments. However uncomfortable that may seem, keep in mind that the doctor and...
Heavy Period, abnormal, hopsital?
Good that you made a Dr. appointment, but your not likely going to bleed to death, it always looks like more blood than it really is. If you find yourself soaking a pad every hour for several hours, then you need to go to the ER...