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Girls, cant a guy carry a bag? Im not gay but want to get a bag? I like this one. Any other suggestions?
it's not too girly, but in my opinion, it's just ugly. try this instead.
Hobo Handbags?
ummmmmm http...
Red or Orange Clutch? Help me decide, what color is more flexible to style?
What is this bag called and how much is it?
Maybe a circular tote bag and they are about $100
Where can I find nice, affordable hobo handbags online?
UMMMMMMM saty gorgeous, Lollie
Where can I find a purse that looks like a large coin purse?
Do you mean a clutch? Like this...
What are some good brands of wallets
Would a zebra print pure look good with a plaid jacket?
its a jacket so its not really a part of the outfit (that you would match with the purse) so as long as what is under the jacket mathces you are good. But fyi, plaid and animal print does not match. Most animal prints are worn with solid...
Which Coach bag should i get!?!?
I'd say get the first or last. To be honest, when I'm shopping for bags for work/school, I always try to get something with the general size/shape of my notebooks. I don't like going for those 'slouchy' type bags because they...
what is this type of bag called?
...maybe even a thrift store near you. Have a field day here though! :