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Do women lie about being raped all the time?
... women talk about a cute pair of shoes they saw, or a handbag they want to get given. So it isn't all the time. It ...
Why do women chase after me all the time, I’m a fit, handsome 57 yo male, generous and rich, cant work it out?...?
If you will snatch their handbags..............
I have traumas about my mom and her abusive behavior. What can I do?
Your mom sounds like she has a lot of problems of her own. It was wrong of her to take it out on you. I hope you find some peace in your life.
Have you ever lost your ATM card?
Yeah, once. I left my handbag on the train.
Reputable handbag appraisers?
Talk with your insurance agent about who to go to for this. They will know the right people to send you to. As a bonus, if this item is worth any money, your insurance agent will know that you have the item and will want to know what to insure the item for.
California Proposition 65 warning on my bag?
MAY contain, usually in the process of fabrication, and they may or may not be there, they may not be at any high levels, and they may not be a health hazard. Its a pretty generic warning. I doubt you would be affected by carrying a purse, you aren't eating or...
Which handbag brand is the classiest to you? Dooney & Bourke, Coach, or Kate Spade?
Classy is not a brand it is a style. They all make nice bags & they all make ugly tacky ones too.
Do you think i would get in trouble at work?
You are over-thinking this. Your boss sounds like he realizes that stuff happens, you owned it right away. Good for you!
Where can I buy some good Rolex watches online?
...recommend you go to this site. few days ago,i ordered a michael kors handbag here for my girlfriend,it is her birthday.the bag in physical store...
Is it ok to love the older, velour juicy couture handbags?
Why worry about whether a handbag is "out of style"? There are so many variations that nobody really cares.