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What if these two sisters magically became fashion related objects, what object would each sister become?
Handbag and shoes
Did u know that the immigrants kids are ripped from their bosoms while breastfeeding and thrown into rabbit cages?
what, no Soylent Green?
Is this a nice bag?
No, its very tacky.
Early 2000s rock song with similar guitar riff to Baba O' Reilly? On a plain, or on a plane?
Gov'tiskilling you with highfrequencyelectricity. Theotokos Virgin Mary gaveprayers to "Schema-nun Antonia" on how to save aborted babies from hell. If you pray these prayers diligently...
Am I the only person whos never herd of Kate Spade until news of her death?
... news than, well, just about anything else in the news? She designed handbags. Really? And that's all you have to do to gain (inter)national attention...
Which bag is more appropriate for work event?
No, no, no. I really dislike gucci, they are all about the giang double G nameplate logo and not the quality. LV is still better made than almost anyone else, although the big logo still bothers me. All those bags, however leave...
Which bag looks best for work event?
I HATe BLACK BUT #1 IS THE best...i would prefer brown but Im a spring..
Is it safe to travel to Russia for World Cup?
... be aware of... no more than anywhere, be obviously careful with wallets, handbags, etc. Pickpocketing is not a "problem" but can happen. ...
Does this Bag be more suitable for warmer or colder weather outfits?
In the past, I would have said yes, for colder weather. Recently, on the Young & the Restless, they're ALREADY wearing fall colors, and what happened to summer? We're still having spring weather...
Help with PED in Economics...?
(9000-11000)/ 11000 / (85-70)/70