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Please answer. no one is answering?
She is rich
How to stop my attraction to women?
...control". Imagine that we are talking about a $4000 designer handbag, or a $100,000 car. You might think they are wonderful, but you know you...
Is it illegal to buy a replica bag without a logo?
depends who owns the design , often the marketing company doesn't own the design so the manufacturing company can sell identical products without a logo
Which handbag is the bestookung of these three?
I prefer the third, as least ostentatious. Coach STYLE NO. 22797 Rogue 25 With Quilting And Rivets DUSTY ROSE/BLACK COPPER Coach STYLE NO. 26836...
What should I get my girlfriend for Valentine's Day ?
... ...Chocolate Gift Basket ..Journal...Handbag.....Zodiac pj's....victoria secret is ...
A female stranger's purse slightly grazed against my arm as she walked passed me as I were in a grocery store checkout line. How can.......?
...time in that neighbourhood. How dare you accuse a Muslim handbag of wrong-doing, you bagophobe! #BanAssaultPurses
Is a checked bag included with my flight?
...carry-on bag (which would go in the overhead compartment) and one personal item (such as a handbag or computer case, which would go under the seat in front of you). The 3 ...
Have you ever put GPS tracking in your significant other's car?
...look on her computer, never check up on her, never look in her handbag, never look in her dressing table and never ask her to account...
What do you think about this bag?
I think it's an ugly bag that costs $900.
What do you think about this bag?
It's fine. Doesn't wow me or make me want it. I decided to stick to black bags always because you can never go wrong with that.