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Help with PED in Economics...?
(9000-11000)/ 11000 / (85-70)/70
Why do women laugh at me because I volunteer to help sick animals?
...bimbo who only cares if she has enough pairs of shoes, handbags and the right shade of lipstick. It's far better to know straight away...
Am I spoiled? lately certain people (namely family, and kids at school) have been calling me spoiled. I know I have alot, but I'm grateful?
Not spoiled - fortunate. best wishes!
what's the meaning of this part of the paragraph in Walker Percy's "Moviegoer"?
... a brand of cigarette lighter that can be carried in the pocket or handbag]. a cigarette lighter that has been used and handled...
Do feminists support the 120 DB group in Germany ?
"Do feminists support the 120 DB group in Germany ?" It's doubtful that they do. Feminism only supports groups that they can co-opt into their ideology. #MeeToo was instantly co-opted into feminism as it...
What age do you truly understand the world?
I understand the world but I still don't understand how women will go shopping for milk and come back with three pairs of shoes and a handbag
Am I extra?
yes youre extremely extra, im glad im not your parents so i aint gotta pay for all that
What color is the best looking for handbags?
During winter, I was wearing my Italian tapestry Fleur de lis design, that I bought from Florence, navy blue background, and gold fleur delis symbol. Right now, I'm wearing leather...
How can I get rid of bedbug in my house, for almost a year, please I need urgent answer?
... being done. Items like knapsacks, luggage, handbags, etc should also be isolated and steam cleaned if possible. Again...
Is child support for the parent or the child?
..., to buy a new car, or for the mother to buy herself a new handbag.