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Make friends with your hair stylist, don't do this by yourself... Also a lot of blondes look good with Auburn hair so look at swatches, do it with someone trusted and I'm sure you'll look lovely. Many blondes...
If you brush it well, it can grow up to an inch a month.
light curls and front bangs get lightish brown highlights
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Hi, I actually read this really good article about latest trends in hair style, you'll find more useful information there I'm sure:
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The absolute best is a product called Silk Drops by FX Special Effects. Is an awesome silk serum which will eliminate the FRIZZ and leave your hair soft and silky!!! You can get it at any...
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Make you hair into four layers Then take the first layer and leave it down, put the rest up Curl the section that is down, leave it down Bring a little bit more down from the four layers ( not too much, make it thin) Then curl...
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Do you smoke? (smoking will cause your hair to thin) You might what to try nexxus diametress shampoo Marc anthony hair thickening cream Good Luck
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Yes, damaged hair can make your hair puffy & frizzy, because it hasn't got enough moisture in it, making it stick up all over the place. Fristly, when you shower, use the coldest water you can stand, not many people know that hot water is bad for the hair. Cold...
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that girl probably conditioned her hair very well. i have oily hair also. but i wash my hair everyother day. always condition it! and when rinse the conditioner out with COLD water. it keeps your hair shiny and soft. and my hair still remains healthy. i understand wut ur...
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