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Mom vs. Gossipy Hairdresser?
Hairdressers are notorious for being gossipy. They spend sometimes up to an hour or even more with people who are... is that they do gossip. I think sometimes people forget that when they are talking to a hairdresser, that they are not in a confessional, and they are not talking to a psychiatrist. So often people...
Netherlands hairdresser?
It depends on the hairdresser to be honest. There is not the "expectation" to tip that there...relatively decent wages and after building up a good rapport with my hairdresser, he admitted that the tips got shared out anyway, so...
Why did the hairdresser go out of her way to ruin my hair?
As a hairdresser, I can tell you now that no hairdresser would EVER go out of his...would mean losing business in the future and gaining a bad reputation, and no hairdresser wants that. The problem could simply be poor communication between you and...
for all hairdressers !!?
... the latest industry trends, work for movie studios as a hairdresser/make up artist, travel with celebrities as their personal hairdresser, work...
Hairdressers - is this true?
im not a hairdresser but i definately think that is true!! I only let 1 person touch my...the girls i work will allllll the of the girls is a hairdresser and BEGGED me to let her retouch my roots. ...
Conversations with the hairdresser?
...didn´t feel like i want it to have a long conversation with the hairdresser and i start it to answer like this: okay, yeah, maybe, i don´t... the other way. so...i did get the message, so will the hairdresser. good luck!
How do you "break up" with your longtime hairdresser?
Ooh, cheating on the hairdresser, always a scary move. Well, here's the deal..., though, many women view their hairdressers as their confidantes, chatting...
(hairdressers only please!!)?
The salon advice was good.any way i'm not a hairdresser but i know ur answer! Short Hair 1. Get some choppy...
Take as many pictures to the hairdresser as you can. Pictures of the front ,back & sides. Make sure you...
What do you dislike about your hairdresser?
My hairdresser sometimes doesn't listen or if I make one little comment they laugh out loud like... sometimes they're really nice and they chat with you like one of my hairdresser did, i told her i was going into high school and...