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guitar sizes? Here's an article with ...
rock band guitar?
as far as i know , it doesnt , the rockband guitar has a whole different function than the guitar, the rockband guitar has way...
Guitar Center Coupons-to get my first Guitar, any good suggestions please?
Guitar Center Coupons- the best will be at suggest you try this as when I got my first Guitar I had a tight pocket but got best deal with the help...
Can you use Guitar Hero guitars for Rock Band for Wii?
Guitar Hero III guitar--Rock Band=no Guitar ...Guitar Hero World Tour guitar--Rock Band=no Guitar Hero World Tour guitar--Rock Band 2=yes...
Playing Guitar or Playing Guitar Hero?
Although Guitar Hero is highly amusing to play, have good coordination. Plus, what can you do with a Guitar Hero guitar outside of the game? Nothing...
Which Guitar is Better?
Both of those guitars are beginner guitars, despite what Takamine says about...) and the sound hole. The best place to listen to an acoustic guitar is actually sitting in front of it, but of course someone else would have...
whats your favorite guitar hero?
Guitar Hero 2 is the best. It was the last Guitar Hero game before they started buying all the popular songs that aren't that much fun to play.
Guitar Hero??!?!?!!?
GUITAR HERO FOR WII!!! you can actually play the guitar instead of just touching stuff with your stylus.
what is the different between acoustic guitar and classic guitar?
Classical guitar From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The classical.... In addition to the instrument, the phrase "classical guitar" can refer to two other concepts: 1) The instrumental technique common...
Electric guitar and Guitar Hero ?
Ahhh guitar hero =D I play guitar and some real guitar but pushing a button... level you can push up to 3 buttons at once. And in guitar solos you push a button for one note and it's surprisingly precise which ...