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where are guitar lessons!?
Ultimate-Guitar has some pretty good lessons submitted in by people (note go along with the lessons. For a website for a whole resource about guitar scales and chords:
Guitar Hero World Tour?
Guitar Hero is a series. The game that came with your.... There are many other games in that series such as: Guitar Hero Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 3: ...
first act guitar, normal guitar?
First Act guitars tend to be made poorly, so many of them are physically difficult... with the goal of keeping the price low, so they're not as playable as guitars you'll find at music specialty stores. Generally speaking...
GUITARGUITAR - Electric Guitars, Solid Body, Semi ..., Fender, Gibson, cheap student guitars, starter . Like 'SPANISH' many...
What is the difference between these guitars?
An acoustic guitar has steel strings and a comparatively narrow neck. It is... like pop, blues, country, rock, and so forth. A classical guitar has nylon strings and a much wider neck. It is...
Any good guitar center? In hawaii?
Hey, nother guitar player onna forum, so by classical you mean nylon string, 2 1/8 inch neck, rite? ..., ok? Now, they got pretty good sample of local built guitar, several local boy who do great job with guitar build, some with Koa wood, and dealer...
Can you teach yourself guitar?
YES. i taught my self guitar. thers alwasy been a guitar in my house and... the chord above wher u play it. its i use it constantly. here is a video i actually ...
guitar hero ps2 problem?
Get guitar hero 2 if your a very good guitar hero player, because I have been...the last stage of expert for months and still can't pass it. Get guitar hero aerosmith if you are not very good at it that guitar hero, the game is...
Difference between Classic and acoustic Guitar?
... people incorrectly believe that a steel stringed flat-top guitar is the only kind of acoustic guitar. A classical guitar...this is what most people mean when they say "acoustic guitar". It is characterized by steel...
hey whats the best acoustic guitar?
Well, many guitar experts would say that the pre-war Martin D Model guitars...the Antiques Roadshow about the D-45 Martin acoustic guitar: The "D" in this Martin D-45 stands...