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nice guitars?
Squier by Fender are some cheap guitars, they're like 120 bucks. Also theres a good Dean...
Guitar Photographers?
Guitar photographers?? I don't know of any pro who would make a ...of guitars, or who specialises in taking shots of guitars. They are basically just another product. I have in the past ...
Guitar and eletric guitar?
First of all, electric guitar strings are not made of "plastic," they're metal...clean settings on amps too, you know. By "regular" guitar I'm assuming you mean acoustic. Those are the ...
Guitar Hero?
Guitar hero 1 - only on ps2 Guitar hero 2 - Ps2 and xbox 360 Guitar...300$ after tax xbox 360 is about 450$ those systems are without guitar hero guitar hero 80's is about 70$ without the guitar guitar hero 1 ...
what are travel guitars?
Travel guitars are designed smaller, to make them easier to..., over the years. it is easier for American guitar companies to build them, because they are mostly hand made...
Question??? (guitar hero/ rockband)?
Guitar hero world tour is coming, It will be like rock band... I...s (not world tour its not out yet) and I have rock band. I think guitar hero is easier to play, but rock band has more options...
guitar hero or rock band?
GUITAR HERO: -The good thing about Guitar Hero buy new instruments as they will work with Rock Band. -Guitar Hero's songs are far more enjoyable (and famous!). -Guitar...
what could be good price for a good quality guitar?
For any acoustic guitar (steel string or classical) you really want a solid wood top. The cheapest...) at $199. I don't think you'd find a better guitar for the money. If you're not a beginner and are looking for...
what to look for in a guitar?
Is this your first guitar or do you play? If it's your first avoid all... them for comfort, playability, and tone. One guitar will probably stand out from the rest, get that one.
Guitarists: Why do you play guitar?
I like the guitar because it's a versatile instrument. Like you can play lead/solos or...with yourself and it can still sound 'whole'. And then, for electric guitars, you can get several effects (say, distortion or phaser..etc) and there's more...