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guitar hero ps2 problem?
Get guitar hero 2 if your a very good guitar hero player, because I have been...the last stage of expert for months and still can't pass it. Get guitar hero aerosmith if you are not very good at it that guitar hero, the game is...
whats the difference between guitar tab and guitar chords?
Guitar tabs (or tablature or tabulature) are pretty much the strings of...with numbers on the lines that correspond to the fret you play on the guitar on that string. For example: ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- --2- would be ...
what is the best brand for guitars?
... but I will try Some of the current Spanish classical guitar makers include: * The Almansa Guitar * ...
Does Guitar Hero.....?
... very similar, but not the same. If you beat Guitar Hero, you will not be able to pick up a guitar...need time to get used to the "feel" of Guitar Hero). In fact Guitar Hero...
I try to learn and write on acoustic guitars to i know what i am doing wrong. The... my cries for an acoustic model guitar for me. So I play the ones...
Guitar Hero?
All the Guitar Hero Guitars are is a regular X-Box controler....R. (Though I woulden't recomend any of those with the Guitar)
Guitar Hero. How many?
Guitar Hero Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero ... Hero On Tour (Nintendo DS) Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Hero On...
guitar hero?
Guitar hero is ok, I mean Guitar Hero 3 the new one is better then the first one in my opinion. Rock Band is better lol.
Guitar hero??
Look at these links Guitar Hero 3 list
im confused about guitar hero world tour?
Guitar Hero Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero...Guitar Hero On Tour (only for Nintendo DS) Guitar Hero Aerosmith Guitar Hero World ...