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Do you think Zimmerman was guilty?
Yup. Guilty. I've watched the case like a hawk since the very... in my heart, gut and head, that that man is guilty. This is the same man who called police on a...
How to stop feeling guilty?
Never feel guilty for something like that. You did nothing wrong by not ...'s best that you learn to stop feeling guilty now, otherwise you'll turn out like me. I feel guilty for...
Do you think Caycee Anthony is Guilty or not Guilty?
She is guilty of lying to police officers and negligence of endangering a... was put on her that proved she was not guilty of what the prosecution had charged her with. Not guilty...
Is Casey Anthony innocent or guilty?
guilty. Did you watch the late night show with Nancy Grace a few...
Guilty or Not Guilty?
Guilty as charged, all counts. You admit "I put up my handy cap placard on the mirror... the handicapped area even though you had not yet occupied a space. Again, guilty as charged. Sure, they gave the placard back. It is NOT YOURS, but...
Is Amanda Knox guilty?
100% guilty. The whole thing was her idea. In the morning after the murder...
Do you think innocent or guilty?
Guilty. If she was innocent, she would want to watch the memorial on TV today...jail thinking about what she did to that poor baby. She is guilty as hell. It was a beautiful memorial.
Was Socrates Guilty? accusations of wrongdoing. He was nevertheless found guilty as charged, and sentenced to death by drinking a mix of the...
Guilty Pleasure Name Questions?
I have many guilty pleasure names, but I will just use my top one for... doesn't like to admit that. Why is it a guilty pleasure name? ~ I pretty much explained that in the question...
plea guilty?
in a court of law, if you are convicted (found guilty) you will have a criminal record. for assault or affray or breach of the peace, whatever you...