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Spanish ownership question?' have different meanings in Spanish (it may correspond to several grammatical persons). 1. su → singular possessive adjective - 3rd person singular (...
Is the phrase "act irate" grammatically correct?
...quot;acceptable grammar" - the whole thing should be revised as a piece of truly grammatical prose since there are several instances of "informal" grammar, but...
Japanese language questions?
...a. You know hiragana. That's used mainly for: i. the grammatical glue of Japanese: prefixes, suffixes, other inflections...
How do masculine and feminine nouns apply in language?
... does not have a sexual implication, it's simply called a grammatical gender. There is no feminine form for lugar. You don't say...
Please check the following sentence in English for grammar?
It is almost grammatically correct but does not seem to make sense. The only grammatical error is that you do not need to say 'more than *a* half of them'. It would be correct to say 'more than half of them'.
Don't you use the word "timing" to mean a period of time when something is going to happen?
Yes. But that does not mean that some people could not use it inappropriately, or use it to mean something different. Not everyone is a literary or grammatical genius.
It depends on what you are talking about. If you are quoting a birth record, you use the gender stated on the record; "The record listed the baby as a male and everyone treated "him" as a male at the time...
What is wrong with this sentence?
Replace "involving" with "within". So it should read: ...the racial and social problems within society.
Can I say?
...lost in thought, not loud and excited. But there is no grammatical reason why you could not use the words in that way. On the other hand...
Are these sentences grammatically correct?
... believer, but you did not ask for true religious significance, simply for grammatical sense.