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Is the japanese alphabet in the same order as the english alphabet? If not, what site can I go on to see which is which?
...wo (pronounced as "o", and is only used to write a grammatical particle, not as part of a syllable). wa (wi, we, we, wo do not exist as spoken...
Are there any grammatical errors in my song lyrics ? They are short, can you help me ?
Your grammar is okay, but your rhythm is off on several verses. Using the rhythm of the first line, and comparing the second lie to it, the words "in my life" throw it off. Also "in my mind"...
Native english speakers ! Are there any grammatical errors in my song lyrics ? Can you help me please ?
"Wanna" would normally not acceptable as proper English but for a song it is okay. Some people do talk that way in normal conversation.
Grammatical correction?
All three are grammatically correct, but they have different meanings. If they think it's possible...
Fantasy Setting Names?
...that I just outlined for you with a bit of help from some of the basic grammatical structures of Esperanto or Bahasa or Algonquian...
Native english speakers ! Are there any grammatical errors in my song lyrics ?
Sounds ok to me, Good Luck
Is it grammatically correct to use commas where one might not typically be if the sentence would be confusing otherwise?
Speaking only to your use of the commas: What you've done is fine. But I'll agree with DR +... when it comes to sentence structure, almost. I'd prefer: "These illustrate a heavy loss both in the number of...
Why do the religious people on this site try and intimidate you into believing in their dogma?
... on this site are trolls too. They like to leech off of grammatical errors. The christians are liberals on this...
Grammatical correction about Chuck Norris joke?
Horror movies are afraid of being watched by Chuck Norris.
grammatical correction?
Chuck Norris once went into a bandit's / bandits' den and screamed, 'Hands up!' There were ten men, but only one survived: he was deaf. Other options: ... but only one...