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Editing Wikipedia under another IP? (I'm not looking to be told how "wrong" I am, I need sympathizers. ;))?
IP bans are rarely used today. I won't say they aren't used period but I doubt your ban is coming from an IP address. There are tons of ways to ban entrance into a web site...
Is German hard to learn?
..., that is the same problem whenever you learn any language with grammatical genders. I was concerned about cases but they...
Why then atheists don't not want to see no questions from a real Christian American like me?
I believe I have located a photograph of the asker, based on his grammatical structure.
Is "atheisting" a verb?
It is a verb in that it follows the grammatical rules fro transforming an adjective into a verb, though I would...
Is this grammatically correct?
...39; where you meant 'of') it does not break any hard-and-fast grammatical rules. I would tend to say 'people who have been in jail'...
How do British people feel that American English is closer to original English than British English?
... from its basic lexicon to its pronunciation to its grammatical structure and so on. The wide majority of early settlers to what would...
I need to precisely translate 'our eternity' into Latin, anyone knows the exact translation? (ANYONE WHO KNOWS LANGUAGE VERY WELL)?
...39;precisely translate' anything into Latin without knowing its grammatical function. Show us the sentence in which you intend to use the phrase "...
Genders in Germanic languages?," "sie," or "es."
My girlfriend has become curious about the single life, what should I do?
She wants to live the single life It’s a very common scenario for couples who have been together from a very young age… At some point, she misses the feeling of being free and being single. She feels desperate. She...
Is the japanese alphabet in the same order as the english alphabet? If not, what site can I go on to see which is which?
...wo (pronounced as "o", and is only used to write a grammatical particle, not as part of a syllable). wa (wi, we, we, wo do not exist as spoken...