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Grammatical errors are annoying isn't it?
It are.
Which set of sentences is better/grammatically correct/natural?
Neither one is correct. To be grammatical, you would write it as follows: I love... little difference. Either way is grammatical. Also, I left the word 'mentality'...
Could someone rewrite this where it is a hundred percent grammatically correct? It is for a school project. Thanks.?
...," but many people shorten it to just "better." The grammaticality of doing so, however, is a matter of heated debate. Some...
Do we use "So as to ..." at the beginning of a sentence?
...fifteen minutes ahead of time." The above example is completely grammatical. You don't have to put the modifier there, though. You could put it...
What does er mean in Chinese?
...especially in the Beijing dialect though some dialects also use it for other grammatical purposes.
Are these sentences correct?
They're grammatical, but they're not how an native speaker would say them. Instead, a...
"Im new here,vertical trailer park wise" here on the river of many fish.THERE!Can she say THAT without the slow learners quoting her stats?
Her stats: 36-26-36? If she had apostrophes rather than periods, she would have more contractions and be more possessive(grammatical joke).
PirateMan, Just In Case, and Shane Michael ... I love you ... but you but you have rejected me. Will you accept me?
I haven't rejected you. I've been reading that you were drunk last night. I wasn't posting last night because I got into a club to party. I did actually log in from my phone & gave...
Don't concerned yourself with my business Any grammatical error? Thanks?
Don't concern yourself...
Book writing question?
... as I suspect it will be based on your tone and grammatical errors, you might also find yourself in a locked psychiatric facility...