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Don't hypocrites (with ALL THREE of these grammatical opinions) deserve a painful bath in sulfuric acid?
I agree
What are some tips for writing a GOOD short story?
... together. Next, proofread your draft - fix any spelling or grammatical errors that you might find. After that, edit what you've got...
native speakers of english please help me?
1, If I HAD SENT her some money, she COULD HAVE GOT/GOTTEN some food. It's clear that you DIDN'T send money. So you use the 'Third Conditional', for an unreal condition in the...
Survey: If someone is not grammatical correct does that bug you? Why or why not?
no..more important things to worry about
In Japanese, how do I naturally translate, "I hear voices in my head which talk to me and understand me"?
"I hear voices in my head which talk to me and understand me" 頭の中で私に賛同して話しかけてくる声が聞こえる。 "I can still hear voices in my head which talked to me and understood me" 私に賛同...
Is there any grammatical error in this paragraph ?!?
... for yourself. On a side note, not referring to grammatical errors: who are "they"? Nuns? Squirrels? ...
could you check grammatical errors and correct them?
They're all fine.
could you correct grammatical errors in my writings?
Change this sentence into a grammatically correct sentence. The beauty of the countryside is ... The beauty of a farm is ... Note "the" and "a"
could you correct grammatical errors of this sentence? Welcome to this chatroom where is that we just talk with ourselves.?
Welcome to the chatroom where we just talk amongst ourselves
Can I sue the Public School that I graduated from because my lack of grammatical skills causes me to be made "fun of"?
Your grammatical skills seem to be in good shape. However, depending on where...