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What are grammatical Skills???
Grammatical skills. That's a toughie. Big topic. Whether...Grammatical skills are what editors have. In fact, grammatical skills reflect an educated populace; unfortunately, we have an ...
Is conversation grammatical?
Grammatical to a certain extent, but NOT the way an essay or academic writing is grammatical. Essays are static. Conversation is change and movement and flux. People don't converse...constantly interrupting one another. This is not to say that one may feel free to use double negatives in conversation, but that has more to do with comprehension than it does with strict grammatical rules.
any grammatical errors?
There are some grammatical errors, which I've fixed below. Your first...
difference between grammatical and semantic roles?
In linguistics, grammatical relations (= grammatical functions, grammatical roles, syntactic... of grammar are likely to acknowledge many further types of grammatical relations (e.g. complement, specifier, predicative, etc.). The role of grammatical...
Not so much grammatical errors as overall awkwardness in the sentence structures and word ...
What is a grammatical norm?
The concept of "grammatical norm" as linguists use the term will be difficult to...what you are looking for. It's the "grammatical norm" which is the utterance or set of utterances...
Grammar errors or grammatical errors? Which is correct?
Grammatical errors is correct, because, if you wished to say it archaically... first would require grammar to be put in the genitive case, which is Grammatical. The second, as there is no ablative case in English...
what is grammatical mistake in my sentence. These days news travelling faster than before?
Grammatical mistake: you left out the "is" for "news IS travelling" But to write the...." Wretched language! By the way, you also need to say what is THE grammatical mistake in my sentence. Nevertheless, your English is a whole lot better...
What is the difference between grammatical gender and natural gender?
Grammatical gender is a system in grammar, in which nouns are classified... with natural gender, such as "boy" or "girl," must agree in grammatical gender with any pronouns used to represent them. Therefore...
Is the following sentence grammatical in English?
It is grammatical, but reads a bit awkward. The problem is, it's not clear which...