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Why do conservatives so distrust all aspects of government, yet seem to be all trusting of the private sector?
Because conservatives fail at governing, they can't do it so of course they think government is bad. When we vote them out, government gets better.
I was given a "warning" for public indecency for making out in my car. Our IDs were put in the system still but no citation was issued?
...didn't give an EXACT jurisdiction but some places have laws governing "lewd" conduct in public. >I know better than to argue with...
Who do you consider the greater Slave Master, The Federal Gov or the Banking System?
... just an overseer for them........ Controlling I mean governing their slaves....... And how is this done.......with...
The U. S. A. is supposed to be a self-governing nation of the people, by the people, and for the people.?
The people can be trusted. Government flunkies and hall monitors can't be trusted to let them.
How was the European government and church different before the age of enlightenment?
... of absolute power by allowing nobles and/or common people to govern themselves in order to keep their monarchy intact.
How Strict Is The Internet?
The internet has no single governing body. You need to adhere to the terms of service of whatever ...
Why do some nations have both a president AND a prime minister and how does that work?
... in the UK. She has essentially no actual governing power but serves as a representation of the state. Then you have the head...
How would you describe most Americans?
Insane. Thanx for asking.
Individual health insurance in California Blue Shield !?
... is a law. It's not a type of insurance. The law governs health insurance, medicaid (welfare healthcare), and medicare (pension healthcare). Since...
My job is making me ill (mentally and physically). Should I quit (guilt)?
...think or behave towards you, if you do then you are letting others govern the way you behave. Is that good thing? Sigh, Honestly ...