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Does JP Morgan have the best IRAs?
An IRA is a type of an account, all IRAs are governed by the same rules and guidelines so there is no "...
honest question for Jehovah's Witnesses only please!?
Jehovah's Witnesses only get new light from the governing body. If they issue a proclamation changing the name to Yehovah's Witnesses, then it shall be followed worldwide.
What this place be like. If Atheists created their own country?
Dawkins can barely govern himself ...let alone a country.
It's 39°F Do I wear a coat?
East coast weather is governed by a number of often counter acting factors. So it...
Is being Governed without the consent of the majority similar to being ****d without consent?
yes, but the electoral College allows that even if Americans give 3 million more votes to someone else.
Will you love and respect the kinder and gentler Donald Trump?
If you have to win a campaign by dividing people, you're not going to be able to govern them. You won't be able to unite them later. - Barack Obama
Poll: Would you prefer to travel to France, Japan, or South Korea?
...good and bad things. Japan is awesome but very expensive and rule governed. South Korea is interesting and much cheaper...
Is Ivanka Trump, going to be first woman president of US?
... and Ballot Bandits"), and the GOP-governed states' use of the FRACTIONALIZED VOTE COUNTING...
Will we ever realize a New World Order?
hopefully, no. competition is essential to progress ... and a NWO would stifle competition between cultures
Between tweeting, courting Playboy and Porn models, holding Nuremberg-style hate rallies and watching TV, when does Trump govern?
he's obviously taking two weeks off for the midterms. he has to have these "rallies" where he knows his mindless zombies will cheer for whatever he says. it's pathetic.