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Is it possible that some people just cant be governed?
What do you mean by "governed"? Do you mean that they can't be forced... where they can't harm anybody else, then you can govern them. The truth is that you can only...
Jehovah's Witness, what will happen if the current Governing body passes away and the end does not come?
While the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses performs an admirable...
JW’s, why did Paul not accept there was a Governing Body in Jerusalem?
... the very simple and sound reason that no Governing Body existed in Jerusalem.... They were not a “Governing Body” but elders who ...
What governs your life more?
We are all governed by our basic human desire to receive pleasure for ... are some links that further explain how to govern your life by love:
how are these credit counselors governed?
They are governed by general state laws, but there is no state or federal agency that...
What does it mean to be self governed?
Governed by yourself. It usually refers to a country or other political division that moves to looking after their own affairs after previously being governed by another political entity.
JEHOVAH's WITNESSES - The governing body admitted they have no direct communication with God. So how does spirit direction work?
...? paragraph 12 says "The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible... “taught by the spirit” so too the Governing Body is being led by this same spirit...
Hey JW's: Did the Governing Body back in Christ's time teach errors as truths?
... JW literature produced by the Governing Body has tried to claim that the...39;s truth! This is what today's Governing Body of the JWs has done...
Who governed India until 1858?
1. Who governed India until 1858?: English East India Company...
Why should governing regulate the economy?
governing or guiding... the economy needs some assistance such that it doesn't...investor's can easily be spooked during times of turmoil. Good governing.... means a better regulated economy. (in theory) my...