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Who else proudly hangs the Confederate flag?
...the slavery card. England (rightly) opposed slavery, so the US government played that angle. Most people did not really care about slavery...
Native speakers of English, PLEASE could you help me with my English?
solidly on a natural high ground
Why has Hillary Clinton not been arrested yet?
Because no one is taking this seriously. You need to march right on in to DC and the capitol and make sure they get it done. As you have stated "(Also notice: Yahoo is a mostly Left sided social media...
What is your position on having "Under God" in the US pledge of allegiance?
...quot;atheistic" Soviet Union. Even though the US government is supposed to be secular...
Why are Republicans after winning the election running around the country acting like a 5 year old who won a prize at chucky cheese?
They're idiots who think that the role of the government is to make them feel good about themselves.
Should we bring back gladiatorial combat for death row inmates and prisoners (only if the prisoners volunteer)?
That would be amazing
The impotent left is blowing through the bull snot like grant went through Richmond. Every fake news story is being thrown at the public.?
Its time for the media to ignore them. I am so tired of their talking points, propaganda, and rage issues. So, is America. You are right, they choose to marginalize themselves...
What does "WE" the people mean in the constitution.?
... recognizes three separate entities: The federal government and the state governments and assigns them 'powers...
Which religion is better morally:Christianity or Islam?
... are not limited to a specific sets of dress or style of government, but instead has rules like dressing with modesty (which can be...
Does anyone else feel that too much taxpayer money goes to funding handouts and freebies and not enough to scientific research?
Absolutely. Our government does not spend our hard-earned taxpayer dollars well.