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Why is our Government kidnapping babies?
The head of the executive branch is 100% insane, and his followers are also 100% insane.
Are government school teachers underpaid??
No. In fact for the 180 days a year they actually work, they are overpaid. Making 55k a year with summers off. Not too shabby.
Why do people think just because I support of small government, am a trucker and I’m from rural America doesn’t mean I support lgbt people?
Well it's good that you support LGBT people at least. Respect for being a good parent and supporting your child no matter what.
Do they not teach that Africa is a continent anymore ?
... and can't name the three branches of the U.S. government.
Why do anti-gun liberal movie stars protest guns while glorify them in thier movies, and thier bodyguards carry them also?
If any liberal or government worker attempted to take my AR from me, it’d be the...
What is your favorite Obama lie?
" Errr , Uhh , Umm ,,, Mine will be the most transparent administration of all time ." " Err , Yeah , no deep state activity or weaponizing of government agencies , Umm , Ahh "
why most homeless people is male?
Answer is simple: Women get help from the government, men do not. Women can get food stamps, section 8 housing, welfare ...ect. Men do not get these things.
Why is healthcare in the US so broken? you have to pay for medical insurance, but the taxes spent by the UK government per capita on healthcare is actually slightly less than what the US government...
Does tobacco and alcohol money you spend at store go to the government??
Some of the tax money does, the rest of the money generally goes to the person selling it and the people that actually made it
Will Hillary Clinton turn on Comey Obama and Strzok, to avoid jail time?
She would but it’d be pointless because there’s no way she’d ever live after having all the fortune stripped away. She’d do herself in before becoming a commoner. Poor Hillary. She lives every day now scared to...