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What is your opinion on Palestinian extremism?
Palestine made their choice when they put a terrorist government in leadership (Hamas). Palestine made their choice when...
why do youngs, kids and millenials love Bernie Sanders?
... people know it's hard and want to give a more socialistic approach a try. Government doing nothing sounds to them like giving up. To...
how did the native americans treat homosexuality? was it acceptable in their culture?
... out to the public as being married” then the tribal government recognizes that couple as a married unit. “Before the 2005...
So selling gays a cake is supporting their lifestyle, but selling guns to a mass shooter isn't supporting their crime?
....  It is no longer a practical defense against a totalitarian government. The ballot box provides for that.  We need sane gun laws...
Why is it people who honor our flag watch Hannity on Fox at 9 PM ?
They believe in freedom Not government complete control
What does the royal family in England do? They cant be involved in politics so what is their purpose? To be celebrities?
.... She is very much involved in the UK Government, but doesn't decide or comment publicly on policy. She has a family...
Why can’t people see that government and school officials ignore warnings because they WANT Americans to beg for 2nd Amendment repeal?
This is all nothing but an outrageous attack on the second amendment rights of the Constitution.
Politics: Let's pretend the US government really did want to take all our guns. How far would any resistance to this get?
They might do it, but the cost would be so high as to make it impractical. Lots of people would take out their frustrations on members of Congress directly. Civil war would break out.
What do you truly expect Trump and anyone else in the U.S. government to actually do as a result of the 17 dead people in FL?
We have many many small 'mass' shootings these days but it's only once in a while that someone kills 17 kids in a school and the media pick it up and make a big deal of it. But it's these times that matter to the future of gun rights in the...
Does "shall not be infringed" mean illegal aliens have the right to own as many AR-15s as they want?
The government has already shown that not to be an open ended right with no...