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U.S Civil war: why did the South want to protect their rights to own slaves.?
...slave-based agricultural empire into the Southwest. "Our new government is founded upon exactly [this] idea; its foundations...
American History question!?
The last answer is correct.
small government means few government jobs. why would anyone want fewer jobs?
Small government means ineffective government which means nothing gets done. For a nation to succeed, the government has to be incredibly active
Do you agree with Barack Hussein Obama? Should President Trump refuse to release the government documents concerning the JFK assassination?
Barack Hussein Obama needs to shut up and go play another round of golf. He is no longer the President, and HIS opinion doesn't matter.
I'm pretty sure the government installed a secret camera in my shower. If I rub soap over it can they still take pictures of my butt?
Is this legal?
The truth is that govt does not care and citizens shouldn't trust or rely on government,
How to start a small business that does government software contracts?
Government contractors work for the government after winning a bid. You... which publishes the RFQs/RFPs for the federal government (if you want to contract with state or local governments, you need to contact...
please put in business finance how high do you think the stock market will go?
... not going to be able to sustain their profits, or the government offers more attractive returns on bonds, then the market would...
If I was an employee at Area 51/S4 and did TV interview like Bob Lazar saying worked on alien spacecraft and with alien beings?
If you did work in a secret government facility, you’d likely have to sign documents and take...about the goings-on within Area 51 - and, the government is doing nothing about it - tells ...
are republikkklans for less government and one dictator like hitler?
Republicans only hate big government when they aren't in control!