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Why are British politicians so afraid to stand up to Muslims? Why dont they stop bringing them in and they wont have to appease them?
Easy. Look at the full force being directed every day against Trump. Trump is undaunted. But not British politicians. Maggie Thatcher said once, "I'm thinking of...
If Russia hacked the 2016 U.S.Presidential Election, how did Hillary Clinton win the Popular vote? Seems to me, DEMOCRATS GOTTA' blame?
and thats why the electoral college is in place and works! Libs are just sore loser butthurt snowflakes that always have to blame!
The trinitarians who have killed each other and their fellowman in wars and human conflicts will Jesus protect them in the end?
Jesus can protect them if they became a friend of Jehovah. Jehovah is not a Trinity. he is "the only true God" (John 17:3; Mark 12:29). Jesus is His firstborn Son, and he...
Who is running the country since donald trump clearly is incapable of running anything but his fat mouth? Is it the military or the CIA?
DoD and intelligence agencies imo. I say that because I don't think a single person in this administration can operate the government ethically and without getting us into another massive war.
Why does Montreal keep letting new people work here?
Sorry to hear that , America is the same But watching your prime minister or what you call him? of Canada welcome all those refugees really makes it worse Sometimes ulterior motives are in...
Do small governments (i.e. a Village of 500 people) have to file tax returns with the IRS or State? Or do they just file W-2's/W-3's?
Government entities don't file income tax returns. They may need to file payroll returns if they have any employees.
Why is the Swedish government trying so hard to cover up so many things ?
Liberals - and Swedes are certainly liberal - want the world to BE a certain way. And if REALITY gets in the way of that fantasy - they will IGNORE what's REAL and pretend that all is well. Liberals are actually very...
Isn't it the term Marriage equality one of the most nonsensical terms ever invented?
Oh yes it's gibberish. Plus what about "marriage equality" for people who like having sex with dogs, and corpses, and children, and household applicances, and fruit, and multiple partners?
What do you think of the report of the shadow government that Obama is running with Clintons and Soros to undermine Trump?
sounds like somebody's desperate to make excuses for trump and doesn't care how loony they have to get to come up with one
How did the USA became so much in debt?
.... Total trade debt is now over $20-trillion. Second, the government spends $450-billion more every year than it takes in taxes and...