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Why is counterfeit money illegal when its currency just like real money?
If everybody printed their own money, there would be far too much cash in circulation. Inflation would go through the roof, and all cash would become virtually worthless.
Why didn't the dems stop the government the republicans from shutting down the government!?
Republicans are in charge. They can shut down if they want to. They have done it twice before.
Atheists, what is your opinion of SOCIALISM?
... good for some things. Somethings should be payed for by the government and not controlled by capitalism. I think we can all agree a gov...
If Gen. Flynn is convicted of accepting money from a foreign gov`t. w/o permission, could/would he forfeit his Army pension?
... from both Russia and Turkey (and any other foreign government paychecks) would have to be repaid to the U.S., ...
Roman Catholics say their church never put any heretics to death. Is it true?
No, it is not true. They might try to claim they didn't, but they're liars. The Catholic Church has been lying since day one. They wiped out the Cathars for heresy. There are...
Can you explain to me why on earth this is happening?
Southern states do this all the time. The Federal Government or U.S. Supreme Court makes a ruling...
Leftists believe their country (e.g. their government, their employer, their..., ...) owes them a "living" wage?
... my money. Leftists are thieves, using the Government as the tool to break and enter my savings account.
Melchizedek was Jesus eh?
...end. Daniel 2:44, God's Kingdom would crush all human governments and establish itself forever. Never to be overturned.
Before the purge is over, how many Fox Newsies will be going on "vacation"?
... like the White House, where no one get replaced and government is poking along. If the election were held today...
Many of Obama s EOs got slapped down by the SCOTUS; Why do Trump s EO get slapped down before they even make it that far?
... to immigration. That job is solely the job of the Federal government. And yet Trump's plan was to FORCE cities...