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Girlfriend issues........?
Your girlfriend having a child seems to be an issue with you. As your girlfriend is the "best woman in the world" it would be ideal to include the child as part of your overall relationship.
Why are some guys protective of their girlfriends?
... feel like it is their duty as a man to protect their girlfriends. This is a traditional point of view that suggests that ...
Guys: What makes a good girlfriend?
Wow that guys an idiot. What makes a good girlfriend is honesty, loyalty, communication, respect, and trust. If you bring all those...
what are some cool rock/pop songs about not liking your crushes girlfriend?
Girlfriend is the one that popped into my head but then I read you...
Am I actually using my girlfriend?
1. Am I using my girlfriend? -- No. 2. If I am using my girlfriend, what...
Whats a Cloud Girlfriend?
A cloud girlfriend is a fake girlfriend. She is not real, yet it is controlled by a real human being. This is to fool people into making you look like you have a girlfriend. Lol.
how to make girlfriends?
Make, dood the only guy that can make anything is God. I don't know how'd you'd make a girlfriend. If you want a girlfriend now I can help. 1. find a girl you like 2. tell her i like you 3. give me 10pts
what girlfriends like?
girlfriend like attention and feel special. like nice gift go for a walk to the park go bowling shot pool romantics dinners work out together and many more, it also depend of the girl, what she like.
how can i make girlfriend?
...of commodity that we must have. not because your friends already have many girlfriends would mean that you NEED to have one or even more also. having a girlfriend...
What makes a great girlfriend?
a great girlfriend is a girl that is willing to stand by you through thick and thin...