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If you had a cut in your mouth and had a cigarello or a cigarete could you have a beter chance of getin cancer?
... would most likely actually (paradoxically) have a slightly lower chance of "getin cancer" of the mouth, since (theoretically, at least) less of the carcinogens...
Im getin a used car!~? need tips>>>?
Wear and tear if its manual the transmission is ok . milage those cars don't last very long they were intentionally built for weekend use
im getin my toungue pierced what kind of mouth wash should i get?
without alcohol and without menthol
does getin braces hurt??
it doesnt hurt when they actually put the braces on but its sore afterwards. also its sometimes sore after the check ups
i am getin married?
No. I don't recommend it.
Is Icarly getin canceled?
Damnit I hope so
What do you think of the name Getin for a boy?
I think his middle name should 'Hella'. That's a really cute name, honestly. Especially if you are giving birth to a troll.
Is it worth it to buy star wars 2 the original trilogy(xbox 360) if im alredy getin ,more below.?
The only reason to get the 1st one would be if your into achievements and its cheap. The complete saga has all the same levels and looks a little better,,more characters, redone levels and their...
Am i getin Fat?
lol its not a problem with a round belly, its not normal if you dont got one at ur age. it would help also to tell me ur highth, cuz im 15, 6 ft and my reccomended wieght is like 145lbs. it doesnt really matter what you look like if your in your wieght range. but i no what your...
me and my gurl need help getin a song?
Savage Garden--Truly,madly,deeply Stryper---Honestly Creed--Arms Wide Open Firehouse--When I Look Into Your Eyes