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Since God has always existed, what was he doing in the 8.6 gazillion years before intelligent designing?
... time at the creation of the universe, and so there were no 8.6 gazillion years before. You balk because you can't understand being outside...
Which is bigger - an infinity or a gazillion?
obviously people here are clueless. first, gazillion is not a number or concept. It is, however, slang for a...
How much is a gazillion?
It isn't an actual number, it just means that it's large enough that your mind can't comprehend it. Read this interesting Wikipedia article:
How many zeros are in a Gazillion?
...3 ... log(million) = 6 log(billion) = 9 log(trillion) = 12 etc. So just compute log(gazillion) and you have the number of zeros. Answer: Gazillion...
T or F: if Obama discovers $gazillion surplus & submits a bill to give each American $1M Repubs would kill it?
T or F: if Obama discovers $gazillion surplus and then used it to fund a program to torture every infant below two ...
whats " gazillionth time does mean ? in English. Oh, if you mean 'What does 'gazillionth time mean', then: Gazillion is a non-existent word often ...
Gazillion Bubbles Elmo Motorized Bubble Blower?
Is "gazillion" a real number ?
...that, where what illion it is does not seem to be important. So a gazillion is not a real number. It is not an imaginary or complex...
would you eat off a toilet seat for a gazillion dollars?
for a gazillion dollars, i would eat a five-course meal off of a toilet seat.
how many millions is there in a gazillion?
LOL....I assume that you are joking. There's no such thing as a "gazillion".