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what is functional specification in sap fico?
The Functional Spec which is a comprehensive document ... for the design and developement. The Functional Specification defines what the functionality...
What is the Principle of Functional Integration?
Functional integration is a collection of results in mathematics and physics...integral is no longer a region of space, but a space of functions. Functional integrals arise in probability, in the study of partial differential equations...
what exactly is functional training...?
Functional Training is Not Just for Sports Movements, But For ... for a variety of exercise "spice-ups". Many trainers are teaching new functional modalities to their "not-so-ready" clients and late-night info-commercials...
What is the functional and formal region of Germany?
Functional regions are frequently used for service areas, for A major waterway utilized to transport people and cargo may be a functional region. Here is a quote from the link below: "A functional...
is there such a thing as a functional family?
A functional family simply means it does work right. It is not ... take responsibility for them and work on them over time. The Functional Family is a place where people feel like they can grow as ...
Describe a functional resume and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.?
A functional resume is one of the three main types of resume formats ...the job applicant presented in a logical fashion. Advantages of a Functional Resume •If your career path is not immediately apparent...
What are "functional" orthodontics?
A functional orthodontist places emphasis on the facial profile as well as straight... as well as beautiful teeth are the goals of treatment. Functional orthodontic procedures do not cause TMJ problems and will address...
What is an example of Functional Fixedness?
Functional fixedness is a cognitive bias that limits a person to using an object... holistic processing. Karl Duncker defined functional fixedness as being a "mental block against using an object in a new way...
what is the difference b/w functional isomerism and tautomerism...?
Functional isomerism The compounds having the same molecular formula but...img57.gif The molecular formula C3H6O represents two functional isomers. Aldehyde
what is a "functional group" in proteins?
A functional group is essentially just a particular structure, usually just a few atoms, that...memorize the reactivity of every compound there is, but by breaking it down into functional groups, we can predict the reactivity of complex molecules based...