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is crack cocaine & freebase cocaine the same thing ?
No As the name implies, “freebase” is the base form of cocaine, as opposed the ammonium salt (NH4Cl), remains in the freebase cocaine after the mixture is evaporated. ...
Whats the difference between crack and freebase cocaine?
freebase: A method of inhaling drugs by holding a flame under a...
If you know ALOT about Crack/Cocaine/Freebase Cocaine?
How To Make Freebase Cocaine: Crack cocaine is less pure...of ethyl ether, close vial, and shake. The precipitate (freebase) will dissolve in the ether. Siphon off the ether with...
What is the difference between freebase and crack pipe?
Freebase is the technical name for crack cocaine which is a different form that you...
Is freebase N,N-DMT soluble in ethanol?
I think freebase DMT is soluble in ethanol, but not very. You wouldn't want... for DMT to be active orally, so it's best just to smoke the freebase. But if you really want DMT in a liquid, it's not hard to prepare...
injecting freebase cocaine??
You can NOT snort or inject freebase cocaine. Freebasing is basically taking the salt form of cocaine...
Freebase and crack: what's the difference?
Freebase is when you cook it down to a liquid and inject it with a needle. Crack is when u cook it to a solid and smoke it. The thing being cooked here is cocaine of course.
is freebase morphine (its natural form) water soluble?
actually previous responder do not know what he is talking about, freebase morphine in natural state is only marginally water soluble, about 1g in 5000ml of water...
What exactly is the difference between freebase and crack cocaine?
...quot; which forms crystals and floats to the top. So freebase cocaine along with other impurites are what make up crack cocaine. Freebase...
Need help with Spanish Slang: A '40', freebase, rock, crack, etc?
40- 40 oz of beer freebase- inhaling drugs by holding a flame under a metal spoon...