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Before the century is out, anti gravity tech will be declassified, Navy Ships will take flight, and Starfleet will be born. Why can't we?
China has been weaponizing satellites. And the only reason for that is to be able to knock out other satellites. The very satellites you depend on.
Do commercial airlines have in-flight advertising?
Yes.. They ad them in between the movies,& movie trailers.
Phone calls in Air Force basic training?
Yes if calls are allowed they will be on Sunday. The poster that said cell phones are boxed up and sent home that is WRONG. Maybe before it happened but not in today’s world where for...
How do I stop thinking about someone else that’s not my wife? Met someone out of town and we connected and slept together. I know, stupid.?
You don't actually have to stop THINKING about her. In the meantime however, you need to evaluate what kind of marriage is acceptable to you, and if you think the life you are living is actually good for ALL those currently involved (your...
Do you like The Golden Girls TV show?
...of super couple Miles and Rose when he found a stewardess on a flight. Rose watched them get married. The ...
what is the total cost for flight training in the USA,? would require a flying job in small aircraft to accrue the 1,500 hours flight time necessary to qualify for the ATPL and an airline job. .Most people obtain...
Is it ok what my cousin did to me?
Merely having fun
Nonexistent appetite?
...good mood. In response to acute stress, your body will enter "fight or flight" mode in preparation for an attack. This causes the stomach to temporarily...
I’m flying alone for the first time next week, any tips on anything to keep me busy? (I have an idle seat as I have a small bladder)?
get some books. if you have a tablet or smartphone, look to see if your plane has WiFi, or on board entertainment, and watch a movie or tv. do some work or homework depending on what you do. bring a charger with you, some airplanes have AC outlets between the...
What majors should I take for aviation? To whom can I go to if I need a job as a pilot?
... airport. The PPL requires a minimum of 40 flight hours, but in practice it takes between 60 and 80, and costs up...