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Don't you think too many private planes are crashing in the state of California?
Three reasons: --Number of flights. Quite high in this state. I live under the busiest private and...
How do you get a job that pays you to travel?
... not unusual for me to work 15 hour days, bookended by very long flights at the beginning and end of the week. That said, I have...
I want help to understand who I am, if you can seriously help me, I thank you ...?
Y're bissexual.
Why is Frontier Airlines discriminating against animal lovers?
Emotional support squirrel? Truth is stranger than fiction.
How much money do you need to travel to London?
What motels? There aren't any. And you won't get a hotel in London for that much - reckon on £100 per night.
Is there really more land past the Antarctica ring on the flat earth?
... or Cairo or Istanbul first? People take direct flights all the time from places like Beijing and Seoul and ...
Can you really blame the airlines?
Last year we took a flight Pennsylvania . On that flight it was announced that...
My GF went down on me in my sleep. Is this r@pe?
Absolutely report it. Disgusting double standards for men and women
When did people stop wearing suits to attend baseball games?
... the narrow-brim story! I think another big part of it is the flight to the Sun Belt. In the 30s and 40s some technical ...
Parallax vs Ego, the Living Planet?
... wins a battle. Because Parallax has Flight, Possession, Mind-control, Fear-induction, and Solid...