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Christian creationists refuse to study evolution because they have no curiosity, they are lazy, they are stupid, or all of the above?
... their life for. Their mind goes into a fight or flight mode in order to preserve what is to their mind survival itself...
Questiongs - Going on a flight in less than a week.?
...vary in size depending on the size of the airplane.International flights have large overhead bins. Put your bag up there during take off...
If Maxine Waters misses her flight at the airport due to extremely long security lines, how will she react?
As usual, she'll say something stupid, then blame Trump, and add her problems to the impeach Trump list
How long before we have a hijacking? A man successfully took a handgun on a flight from Atlanta to Japan. Thanks Trump?
Things will change as soon as a hijacking happens. The shutdown will have to end then. Even trumps's supporters are going to dislike him.
Can the pilot refuse to board a drunken passenger? Does is true that American may import to their country alcohol only when they 21?
You have the smallest number because you haven't had enough time to drink enough to become an alcoholic. It isn't because you're great at it. You cannot possess alcohol under 21 in the US. Yes, the airline can refuse to board a drunk...
Can a stewardess have a family?
...for sure exactly what shift you mayhave next week. You do not know if your flight will be delayed, diverted or cancelled. until it is...
Have you noticed how most democrats keep calling the border wall "racist" as if Mexican was a race instead of a nationality ?
Democrats are unable to reason. They accuse Republicans of being racist and anti-immigrants, yet it is only the illegal immigrants that we want kept out of the country, especially since they are all criminals to one degree...
Is $5622 expensive for a two week Greek vacation for 4 people?
...inclusive sounds like a really good deal. Especially as your flight will be transatlantic. Remember to pack light or the transfers will be...
What was the 9/11 attack?
...eastern nations immigrated legally to the USA, acquired flight training and hijacked several jumbo jets in NYCs ...
What's the fastest college degree I can get online for a decent paying job? Please read.?
Good luck with that. There are online schools, but the majority of them are for-profit that only care about your money. Their classes and degrees are mostly useless and absurdly over-priced and no reputable university would...