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357th fighter group, P-51 Old Crow flown by Bud Anderson. Why are some versions of the mustang green?
The OD green paint job was the factory original paint for early model P-51 Mustangs. In later stages of the war, as demand for production increased the aircraft were not painted to save time, so the "silver" colored...
I’m Scared my mums plane will crash?
..., highly vetted and trained pilots, and on-board flight attendants, your mom is in good hands! You...
Is Miami to Nassau considered an international flight?
Thoughts On Stephen King?
.... I admit he could use an editor to rein in some of his verbal flights, but that's a minor quibble.
mercury retrograde??
... is aspecting your chart ... lost luggage, lost passport, flight cancellations, mistakes over hotel reservations, etc...
why do a few people get security check before boarding a flight?
If you are asking about the handful of times that TSA shows up at a gate and does additional screening on people in line to get on the plane, it is a random measure. They also randomly do additional checks on people at the security checkpoint (go...
I joined an LGBT club and my homophobic dad doesn't know?
You need to join a gay social support group at the gay center. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to get strong. You can not worry about what other people think- even family. Get the support you need and contact - a wonderful support group of parents with...
Should Democrats be banned from flying on commercial flights?
Pfft, this question actually made me laugh. I needed that today, thanks! I can't imagine this being a real question, so I'll move on to the next one on the list. Hahaha, thanks again! psst... Think we found...
Easiest ways to fail a 1st class medical?
Poor eyesight is the easiest... The sugar is a fun idea too... Rather than eyesight itself...make yourself colorblind. I don't know what clearance you need, but colorblindness is an issue for military pilots at least.
If (for whatever reason) all of the countries of the world would make it their national priority to locate the remains of flight MH370?
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing more than THREE years ago. If...