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How to become a Flight Attendant?
Becoming a flight attendant, well, being hired as a flight attendant is... interested in applying for a long haul international flight attendant position, airlines like applicants with a ...
Best Flight Simulator?
Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the most realistic flight simulator out there now... very smooth on my PC. There is also one more flight simulator called X Plane. It is more realistic as...
Per FAR 61.51 (d) Logging of solo flight time. Except for a student pilot performing the...friend who is a Private Pilot on a flight. It is only legal if the Private ...
Miss Your Flight ?
International Flights: at least 3 hours before departure. Domestic flights: at 1...
flight tracking?
Currently, United Airlines tells me flight 1139 from Philadelphia to Vancouver via Denver ...
How do airlines choose flight numbers?
A flight number, when combined with the name of the airline and the date, ...sign as used in general aviation. A particular aircraft may fly several different flights in one day, and different aircraft may be used for the same flight number...
Latest Flight Simulator?
Flight simulator X - vary kind airplane non-combat. it have many kind airplane and you can download..., building, many stuff -
...the low visibility, low level overcast, and high winds will likely either cancel the flight, delay the flight, or cause it to be diverted elsewhere should your friend...
Whats a cross-country flight ?
A cross country flight is defined as one where you land at an airport other than the one will have to have a given number of hours of cross country flight with minimum distances. That's how the "50nm" myth ...
Why did Microsoft discontinue their Flight Simulator software?
Flight Simulator appeals to only a small market of flight-sim enthusiasts. It does not... the better product in most respects. For realistic simulation of actual airplanes in normal flight regimes, FS does a better job than X-Plane. For simulation of experimental...