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picasa, flickr, or photobucket which is better?
Flickr. Hands down. Flickr will "hold" your photos...get a 100MB monthly max with a free account, and unlimited with a payed account. Flickr has a setting to where you can not right-click and safe photos...
After I add pics to Flickr how do I add them to my 360 page?
The Flickr photostream is not working for many people. It's not your Photos module on the right side - Scroll down to the Flickr section and follow the instructions there. If you need to click "...
flickr questiooon !!? there are millions of people who have a flickr account.. and believe me.. each one of them desire..., try getting g your photo to Flickr Explore. Flickr selects 500 most...
Exactly, what is Flickr?
Flickr is a photo sharing website and web services suite, and an online...
How to get flickr links to work?
You either have a Flickr account set to something other than safe, or that particular photo...the safety level is still blank then you need to use Flickr staff to review. You do that here -
How do you get a picture on Flickr's "Most Interesting"?
Flickr maintain that they have a Magic Donkey who's kept in..., almost seriously. That is the answer given in the Flickr Help Forum. In fact it is done through the use...
what is my flickr?
my best understanding is that a flickr is a side link you click onto when you want to confirm or add info to another...and it's been 5or6 times I've had to flickr
Flickr - For an annual event?
We use Flickr on a regular basis for mini photo competitions so mind though. You're not allowed to use Flickr for commercial purposes so if you're going...
Why am I still having trouble connecting flickr to my 360 page?
Flickr does not work... plain and simple.. it has never worked right.and it probably will never work right... albums.. this is what you have to look for on the page of your album in the Flickr program. It most likely will be found on the edges of the page.. at the bottom or the top at...
I need help with flickr?
Flickr is amazing. It is a great place for feedback from ... are shown. umm.. the quality is so clear, and flickr is connected to a great photo editing site. I ...