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Fisheries vs marine biology?
Fisheries is more of a professional subject & the field is growing very fast...presently needed in fields like: Aquaculture,Processing,Fisheries Resources management,Biotechnology & such other allied ...
What's the difference between a 'fishery' and a 'fish farm'?
A fishery is is a place and a time when the fishing public or a People for their own eating pleasure. A commercial fishery business catches fish in huge quantity for their profit making...
Would these resources: Fisheries, forestry, agriculture, petroleum products and mining during the beginning?
No. * Fisheries: - Pacific: These are and on to the fisheries off British Columbia. - Atlantic...
Fisheries Depleation?
... affects stocks
What is SEAFDEC(Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center)?
... Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC... Countries, generates regional fisheries policy suggestion and coordinates the implementation...
Lobster fishery?
most likely the lobster fishery is going the way of a lot of the former north atlantic fisheries...
what is culture fisheries?
Culture-based fisheries are capture fisheries which are mostly or entirely maintained...
Does anyone here work at a fishery.?
I went to school for wildlife and fisheries management and I currently work as an aquatic biologist for state government. Where...
What are fisheries? specifically salmon fisheries?
"Generally, a fishery is an entity engaged in raising and/or harvesting fish... for similar species with similar gear types.[3] A fishery may involve the capture of wild fish or raising fish through fish farming...
trout fisheries in scotland? find one heres some i have found: 1 Tinto Trout Fisheries (01899) 308697Lochlyoch Farm Cottage, Thankerton...