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Now that the nearly complete Little Foot Australopithecus fossil has finally been unveiled, how will the creationists react to it?
Fingers in the ears and La, la, la, la, la......... Well, that or a lie.
Tampon issue? Urgent? *caution descriptive*?
... concerned that a piece has actually come off then use clean fingers to reach into your vagina to check if you can feel it. This is...
What is the fingering for D flat fourth octave for Piccolo?
...ledger lines above the staff. Db7. If so here is that fingering - on this WFG page: I refer...
Know anyone who makes your life difficult or is emotionally manipulative? Blow off some steam!?
...people being abused by this psychos. They love to point fingers, but they never look in the mirror. Good Luck, you're dealing...
Do i have OCD or just a bad habit?
YOu have OCD
I put nail polish on, why does my finger feel so weighed down? I didn't even put a lot on?
You aren’t used to the feeling, that’s all. If you dislike it, take the polish off. THere’s no requirement for you to use it.
Do you give the middle finger to random people?
Mostly when I'm driving.
After I cvm in your butt, i'll take some out with my finger for you to try while I finish the rest with my tongue in your hole ok?
:O No that is not okay. I'd much rather you suck out a gob load of it so we can make out with it after.
Can someone give me some advice on how to change this bulb in my truck?
read your manual, it may show you how to do it
What are the advantages of having wisdom tooth and should I work hard to keep them all my life?
I am 61. I have never had my wisdom teeth out, and they have never given me any trouble. It's ridiculous to do anything about them if they aren't causing difficulties. Don't let anyone talk you into...