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My Father Thinks I'm Doing Nothing With my Life Because I'm portraying a life I don't live to him, But I'm Secretly a Millionaire?
...nothing that was going on in the scheme and he instantly pointed fingers at her even though they had been split up since he confided...
Who was Leo Black?
... thread. Fucking idiots Goose and Nine finger think grandpa is a troll. Ladies and gentlemen, they don'...
I have a brown finger tattoo. Will that be a problem for enlisting?
No, not a problem....most of them have their finger up their @ss anyway.
The side of my finger has been itchy but when I scratch it it's like this burning pain and two white bumps become visible, what is this?
This is a common thing when far too much processed foods is in a diet, and it is poisons from that food that is coming out through the extremities. It happens to me off and on, and yes, for me, it really...
What pick is better for doing guitar solos? Thick picks or thin picks?
...with a thumbpick, but I also use flatpicks plus my middle and ring fingers (hybrid picking).  My preferences are 0.73mm and 0.88mm...
I was sexually assaulted by a family member, what do I do?
Yes, it still counts as sexual assault. He touched you without your consent. Tell your parents about it or if you don't feel comfortable telling them tell someone who is close to you. Tell them to tell...
My vagina is itching? Help?
...vice versa via cunnilingus - yeast infections can also be a result of being fingered if her hands weren't clean. Go to your doctor...
Does cutting your ears when you sing actually help making the voice you hear in your head and what other people hear match better?
... ears, that is, putting you hand over an ear or a finger in your ear. That greatly improves your ability to hear...
Why do people think fish is different from meat...? dinners they tried to force them into eating fish fingers, when I complained they said " well fish is not meat...
Is Puerto Rico suffering from Stockholm syndro? Uncle Sam doesn't want them in the Union, he just wants to keep exploiting them for their?
Hi so yes another political kettle waiting to explode.