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How Do You Introduce a Parakeet To Its Home and Hand Tame It?
...hand with the parakeet on it out of the cage. You can also press your finger gently against the parakeets stomach and say "step up!" And it...
I Kinda Had Sex With My Bsf, Now SHe Won't Leave Me Alone! WTF Do I do?
Most people (teens) regret their first time. SEX sounds SO EXCITING and the movies make it out to be AWESOME. Porn makes it out to be FANTASTIC and your friends, WHO...
What happens if I go to a Subway or a Burger King and a feminist woman is working there and I tell her to make me a sammich?
...tag ....they do just fine when they are back home with a ring on their finger ....cheers!!!
Why is it illegal for me to (s)(h)(i)(t) in public like a dog?
...and they can't resist that stuff, trump would be in it with his little tiny finger on his little tiny hand!!
I'm moving back to Korea in November because Im tired of LGBT & interracial marriage in US, how should I celebrate before I go?
Good man. Celebrate with a good bottle of alcohol and give the middle finger to someone you hate.
How do I stop the hallucinations?
..., then stretching your legs out, then wiggleing your fingers, after this start to bring the volume of the music down slowly until its off, then...
About MC Hammer's song "You can't touch this"?
MC Hammer used the Instrumental from Super Freak by Rick James for Can't Touch This, and he used When Doves Cry by Prince for Pray.
Why do you all just continue the same old stupid back and forth crap about believing and not believeing?
It's true. No it's not! Yes it is! No it's not! Yes it is! No it's not!.................
Library rudeness?
i would report it to the police since she made you pass out, next time take your call outside and then this wouldnt be happening
Would you have found this to be funny if you saw it?
The road is for driving, not playing! I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of knuckleheads tried something like this ... but I would hope that they got caught and were ticketed for every traffic offense they...