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Can't orgasm anymore? Can't orgasm during sex..?
It is not an uncommon problem, a very low percentage get orgasm during sex. The principle is never over stimulate your partner, but let him stimulate you, be slow and wise. Guide him what turns you on, and keep continue till you become excited near to orgasm...
If intelligence is highly heritable, how could it be that the environment is crucial in its expression?
... ignorant family just might as soon as you're out of the womb, so keep those fingers crossed that you're born into an upper-middle class family that converses...
Ring caused a blue ring around my finger it dosen't hurt but looks nasty should I stop wearing the ring?
The good news is the the blue colour is not harmful. The best thing is to avoid cheap jewelry, but if you love the ring, there's no reason why you need to stop wearing it. Simply paint a layer of clear nail polish on the inside of the ring.
Good morning liberals How triggered were you when you saw that the First Lady had covered her hair for her visit to the Vatican?
The First Lady must not understand the wonderfulness of the other "religion" that blows up little girls attending a concert.
Is it possible to fix torn tendon? My finger doesn't bend in the last joint.? you know that is what it is? Ever heard of a trick finger? They get stuck and you have to put your finger under the joint...
How do I kill crickets for an ant colony?
.... If you don't mind the crunch and bug juice, just a pinch between fingers will kill them. Even if they are just maimed, the ...
I was so angry at my sister yesterday I finger-blasted her; now she's threatening to tell our cousin. How do I make this into a three-some?
Damn. What the hell is being put in the water that's turning people into idiots?
Does it mean anything wrong for a man to wear his wedding ring on his right hand & on another finger?
Yes, it means he's hiding the fact that he's married for some reason.
Should I feel bad punishing my daughter?
I don't think any parent feels good when they have to punish thier child. You obviously really love your daughter just remember why you do it
How do republicans feel about trump's many fails since becoming president?
They pretty much spend all their time with their fingers in their ears yelling, "La-la-la I can't hear you!"