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What is that instrument called similar to melodica but without the blowing part? Like a portable mini piano?
The skin on m finger tips are deteriorating?
My co worker got wrinkles on his fingers, and it caused problems because we do fingerprint recognition at work...
i have a lovebird and i want to determine its sex?
... you, keeping its head gently between your middle and ring finger, and use your thumb of your dominant hand to gently feel the pelvic ...
do i need plan b? fingered with possible semen 4 days after getting implant?
No, you do not need plan B. Since you were on the pill up until the implant you did not lose your pregnancy-protection.
My son refuses to pay rent, what can I do?
Nothing, you turd, if they do not live in your house then they do not pay rent.
Would you find it disrespectful if your coworker pointed at you with her finger and told you to come here?
I would get over it.
What are the chances a girl is pregnant if I did not penetrate nor ejaculate?
She is not pregnant. You are not Superman. You do not produce sperm that can penetrate her skin. Now stop doing sexual things until you are more educated and less anxious.
Since IPhone X Face ID log demo failed do I need to buy 2 Iphones 1 to attempt to Face ID log and 1 backup for when the Face ID log fails? Android troll) and then try to unlock your device with your finger print, notice it won't work? Enter your passcode, lock ...
can i be pregnant or am i just paranoid?
You are just paranoid. From your situation... Very unlikely.. There's a reason why the penis is shaped the way it is and there's a reason why intercourse is the way it is. Unless you and your boyfriend...
On Android Chrome is there a way to copy words from a screenshot? Read below.?
A screenshot is by definition....a PICTURE. It is no longer a text file. You can FORWARD the image to a cellphone or email it to a computer...but there is no easy way to cut and paste.