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What in your opinion is the most fanciful image in "Tartary" by Walter De La Mare?
The Most Fanciful Image In Literature, a...difficult to say which of the images is more fanciful than the others. However, if we ...
what is the meaning of fanciful?
fanciful adjective /ˈfænt .sɪ.fəl/ adj not realistic 'He has some fanciful notion about converting one room of his apartment into a gallery.'
what is the meaning of fanciful?
... by or showing fancy; capricious or whimsical in appearance: a fanciful design of butterflies and flowers. 2. suggested by fancy...
which are the types of questions you like answering best? fanciful or realistic?
fanciful cuz it makes my brain & immagination work to gether to answer the question. more thought power, more interesting.
Are you practical or fanciful?
I'm fanciful all the time... and I think that's my biggest flaw...
What is the comparitive and superlative of the word fanciful?
The comparative is "more fanciful" and the superlative is "most fanciful."
What is the difference between being imaginative and being fanciful?
Imaginative= Thinking outside the box Fanciful= Following ideas with no reason or logic, hoping for a highly unlikely reward.
Style savvy for ds!? Help?
I think fanciful means doll-like? And frilly means lace and bows and that kind of thing. If you make this best answer and like put your shop code as your answer, I'll check out your shop.
Do good people who don't believe in god go to hell, while murderers who repent go to heaven?
Yep :)
Fanciful question...?
My eyeglasses would let me see whatever Lindsay Lohan sees. That way I could be certain she is safe and happy. Lindsay Bless You, Go in Peace.