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Can my dog sleep in a separate room?
As long as you run it by him I see no problem.
Question regarding quantum entanglement.?
... requires that quantum information is never lost - even when falling into a black hole. Quantum information is the full quantum state of an object...
Would Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson still be as successful as he is now if he didn't leave the WWE to make movies in the early 2000's ?
...on your roster. You want the guy who can take the nastiest of falls from grace and talk himself out of the hole. With all of that being...
Can a dog safely go down a wooden deck stairs?
The videos that show dogs falling down the steps are because the dog is too excited and...
Did you think the way Trump responded to Obama speech was funny ?
I missed it all , 0bama's speech was so boring I fell asleep .
Training Day is your favorite Denzel Washington movie (True or False)?
False.It's probably the book of Eli
When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew?
I knew
I registered for community college in early September. When do I start?
... an appointment time to enroll in classes, you're out of luck for the fall semester.
Any tips for not having to carry my keycard with me all the time without getting locked out?
Put the key and card on a lanyard that you can wear around your neck or in your wrist. In your room, keep it on the doorknob or with your jacket so you remember it. After a few days of wearing it, it will be a habit.
How to cast out demonic possession the Christian way the only way?
...and fasting can help our request, but we must also know that just because fallen angels can be removed from a person, that doesn't mean that they...