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Is your life a hot mess?
Yeah I drank 5 18oz beers and smoked some weed but my tolerance is high and my uncle died suddenly and my mom is crying it’s been a tough fall
I fell through someone's porch delivering pizzas. what can I do?
See a doctor. Then see a lawyer.
What kind of guy likes a sweet, caring, shy and stubborn girl who has been through a lot?
...or finds similarities between you two. You see, any guy can fall for a person like that, everyone's been through some shit, u shouldn't be...
Females: What color eyes are you most attracted to?
I like any eye color; for me, I’m attracted to personality but if I see photographs of guys online or in magazines, I notice their facial features. I like clean-shaven men. I kind of like how some...
Does Snapchat notify this person?
Nah, they don't
How did you react to the POTUS cancelling his visitation to the WWI memorial in France?
... in Chief refuses to go to the cemetery to honor fallen soldiers because of a little rain?"
How can I make my girlfriend feel better ?
Idk can u be my boyfriend.. I’m 22 my life is falling apart.. I’ve never dated a guy before
Is sea level rise in "pause" mode?
Noting to pause. The level appears to rise or fall at various times, not necessarily in line with American made...
Our realtor priced our house so that it would incite a “bidding war”. Welp, it didn’t happen, Whatever shall we do now?
If you had "thousands" of viewings and got one terrific offer then you'll probably get another. Give it another month and see what happens.
Can a horse walk with a broken leg?
You should research.the human and veterinary surgical data as to what a horse with a leg fracture and a paraplegic can do, but I doubt it. The weight of the man would increase the pressure on the horse's leg. The incline of the mountain would also put momentum on the horse's movement, and the horse is "out of...