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What exactly is exposure?
Exposure is a combination of both the shutter speed, (how long the shutter was open for during that picture), and the...aperture and shutter speed and film speed separately, and you'll just need to write them correctly from there. Exposure as a combo of all three listed above is written as numbers with forward slashes...
photography exposure?
Exposure is getting detail in everything in the scene - highlights and shadows. From...scene, such as a sunny day with a field of yellow flowers and a blue sky with white puffy clouds. Exposure becomes more difficult when our scene consists of an area in bright light with areas...
Proper exposure?
Correct exposure is a combination of light, f-stop, shutter speed and ISO... studio), over-extend your camera's ability to produce correct exposure. This is especially true if you're shooting...
Under what conditions do Auto Exposures work well?
Automatic exposures work well when you're shooting a picture where the dominant "brightness"... the light level in the very center of your scene. The auto-exposure modes attempt to make whatever you are metering 18% gray...
What are different exposures?
Exposure can mean one of two things 1. The photograph itself. "dude... to light. "this print looks kinda light, maybe you should up the exposure" but if somebody is talking about different exposures, most...
How to change exposure compensation ?
Exposure Compensation (EV) doesn't work in Manual Mode... Priority or Auto. If you want/need to try different exposures in Manual then you have to do it Manually. Suppose you...
Radiation exposure?
"Chronic radiation exposure- Exposure to ionizing radiation over an extended period of...which occurs during a short period of time. There are routine brief exposures, and the boundary at which it becomes significant is difficult to identify...
Long exposure photography tips+ideas?
For any exposure longer than about 1/100 sec, you need stability, that means...hold the button down so you do not have to use your finger for an exposure of many minutes. Next best is to use...
What is Exposure in digital Photography?
Simply put, exposure is the amount of light which touches your digital camera's sensor... the 3 things that you control and try to balance to arrive at a specific exposure. Shutter speed is how long your shutter is open - so...
Estimating really long exposures?
Hmmmmm........ For long exposure, I would shoot Acros 100 over HP5 (as lovely... canon A1 will eat batteries with long exposure) Ilfords chart is here