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Need information about the exocarp!?
...endopericarpal layer is the layer between the endocarp and the hemispherical diploid organism. [edit]Exocarp Exocarp (Gr. "outside" + "fruit"), is a botanical...
what is the outer part of the fruit?
Exocarp (Gr. "outside" + "fruit"), is a botanical term for the outermost...the fruit, which bears oil glands and pigments. The exocarp is sometimes called the epicarp, or, especially in citruses, the flavedo...
From which part of seed do we obtain cotton fibre ?
Exocarp , Mesocarp and Endocarp are the division of fruit wall of a...that breaks open to expose the seeds . So the words Exocarp , Mesocarp and Endocarp are redundant here !!!!! The...
parts of an aratilis fruit?
Pericarp or exocarp, mesocarp, endocarp Pericarp is wall of a fruit. It ... typically made up of three distinct layers. The epicarp, or exocarp, forms the tough outer skin of the fruit, while the mesocarp is often fleshy...
reviews of relatedliterature and studies...,pefume for exoxarp of pineapple...pls help me?
perfumes extracted from the exocarp of the pineapple fruit.
what's the significance of fruit peels?
The exocarp (peel) of a fruit protects the endocarp (inside flesh) of the fruit from infection...
How much orange zest do you need to extract 100 mL of oil?
to get completely oil as in essential oil we get approximately 2 oz for each dried pound of plant matter this is similar for 80% of all plant species. and that number seems to stay constant if you get the oil through steam distillation or alcohol extraction. If you are just pressing...
Why does corn come out the same way it goes in?
Because the seed cover (exocarp) can't be digested. Chew your corn thoroughly.
How can I get rid of blackheads?
you can use lemon exocarp to remove blackhead by rubbing it on your nose. But it doesnt work immediately. It will take some time. Do it everyday.
tissue present in shell of coconut?
Like other fruits it has three layers: exocarp, mesocarp, and endocarp. The exocarp and mesocarp make up the husk of the coconut...