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is "except for + sentence" correct?
except for -- requires a noun, noun phrase, pronoun, or something that functions as a noun. Except for the children. except -- requires a clause (with at least a subject...
Accept of Except????????????????????????
Except. I would not recommend saying "It has pretty much..." as that sounds rather colloquial. I'd say something like "Its effect is similar to that of .......except it saves oxygen".
what's the difference between "except" and "except for"?
'Except' is primarily used for list of things - ie: 'I...t know the names of any German film directors' 'Except for' is used when you'd otherwise do something, but can't because...
What is the difference between “except” and “except for”??
typically "except for" is speaking about situations or things that...Except: (more direct, leaving something out) I want this shoe in every color EXCEPT yellow. I hate yellow The restaurant is open every day except sunday...
What does except mean?
Except means...does not include. Pick up all of the following EXCEPT the blue ones,would mean you would NOT pick up the blue ones.
Differences between EXCEPT/EXCEPT FOR/BUT?
... question, because we have come to view "except" and "except for" as two separate expressions...quot;The government has few options except to keep interest rates high," except is ...
i have a problem with youtube sounds , i can hear the sounds from everthiong else except youtube music ,?
If everything is good except YouTube, then your sound card is obviously fine -- and not the...
The Fourteenth Amendment provided for all EXCEPT:?
... of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be ...
hide everything on my myspace page except for...?
Hide everything except pic, music, & about me: Place in your about me section...
Is it Accept or Except?
It is only acceptable to use one, except when you need to use both. They mean different things, so it ...