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is "except for + sentence" correct?
except for -- requires a noun, noun phrase, pronoun, or something that functions as a noun. Except for the children. except -- requires a clause (with at least a subject...
If get excepted in warrant officer program?
1st -- its ACCEPTED, not excepted. General Warrant Officer Flight Training...
Why is drinking So Socially excepted?
Excepted: omit; exclude Expected: predicted; planned for My...
Accept of Except????????????????????????
Except. I would not recommend saying "It has pretty much..." as that sounds rather colloquial. I'd say something like "Its effect is similar to that of .......except it saves oxygen".
A democratic foreign policy is all EXCEPT?
EXCEPT A. The supreme court has repeatedly ruled that government...
what's the difference between "except" and "except for"?
'Except' is primarily used for list of things - ie: 'I...t know the names of any German film directors' 'Except for' is used when you'd otherwise do something, but can't because...
What is the difference between “except” and “except for”??
typically "except for" is speaking about situations or things that...Except: (more direct, leaving something out) I want this shoe in every color EXCEPT yellow. I hate yellow The restaurant is open every day except sunday...
What does except mean?
Except means...does not include. Pick up all of the following EXCEPT the blue ones,would mean you would NOT pick up the blue ones.
Why Holy Texts are like Lessons except Hinduism?
[Why Holy Texts are like Lessons except Hinduism?] This question is quite legitimate and has...
Why is everyone happy except me ?
... everyone in the world ( AKA veil of tears ) is wildly happy except you? Do you understand why, you chose to come to earth & take life in...