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Dear all,what is the difference between the usage of the words “apparently”, “seemingly”,& “evidently”?
... that Steve intentionally failed his math test." "Evidently" is said of something that is thought to be true because...
How do the meanings of the following words differ: evidently, obviously, apparently, clearly?
Evidently - Based on the evidnce Obviously - Easily Perceived - no proof required Apparently - Appears to be, but may not necessarily be so Clearly - Without a Doubt
After watching the way Obummer handled Solyndra evidently math wasn't offered at Harvard was it?
Evidently, English grammar or punctuation was not taught at whatever Job Corp you were sent to.
Will truth cause ppl to change their minds if it's evidently shown or expressed?
"Will truth cause ppl to change their minds if it's evidently shown or expressed" The existence of evolution ...
What's wrong with yahoo's e-mail? Evidently I am not the only one having trouble.?
Yahoo is evidently experiencing some problems -- all of a sudden and there are...
use evidently in a sentence please?
Hi, evidently means it is evident or it will eventually happen so, evidently it is now clear you know. LOL
Although self evidently true,would it be politically incorrect to state that "unemployment is for losers"?
It is not "self evidently true". My wife's company "furloughed" a few dozen...
Evidently Obama learns of all his administrations incompetence from news reports. Would you trust him as a war?
By what evidence do you say "evidently"? You mean the childish person in his administration that sent...
can you make sentences with the words epidemic, flushed, covey, and evidently?
... conveyed the message to me" "He was in bed and evidently in great pain" covey means a small collection of people " a covey of ...
can you say you can evidently see?
No. They don't mean the same thing. 'Clearly see' means that you can see things very well in Japan. 'Evidently see' means that evidence shows that you can see in Japan.