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Should I euthanize my special needs cat?
...he is having a good quality life so no need to do anything as drastic as euthanize him,just design your home to make it after for him so he doesn...
why don't doctors euthanize humans?
... it is legal or in the process of becoming legal to euthanize humans. I disagree with euthanasia for humans because this ...
what does euthanize mean?
euthanize means To kill in a sense without means of cruelty.It indirectly means cheating somebody who blindly believes you.
is it illegal to euthanize your children for small reasons of pain.?
Euthanize means to kill. No, you cannot kill your children...
I had no idea vets euthanize rats and mice like this, and now I feel terrible...?
.... I know it feels real bad, but you should ask the vet how they euthanize, because maybe they gave him an anesthetic so he wouldn't feel any pain...
How did you know it was time to euthanize your cat?
As a pet owner, one of your responsibilities is to euthanize a pet that is suffering. If the cat can't eat or drink...
To volunteer at animal shelter that euthanizes... conflict of principles?
... known as "low kill" or "no kill" shelters. But they will euthanize animals to prevent suffering, or if the animal is terminally ill...
Should we euthanize our cat who has lymphoma?
... cat had lymphoma also and I had to euthanize her when she could no longer eat or use the litter box without pain...
Which of these three dogs would you rather adopt? Which would you rather euthanize?
If I HAD to euthanize one, it would be Shorty. He is the "... about a dog being unadoptable and having to be euthanized, but not too many people would step-up and take Shorty...
Should i euthanize my cat?
...know, he could be cured one day soon and you might regret ever wanting to euthanize him! EDIT: I understand that you're angry and frustrated...