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What are the expected vet fees and/or a humane way to euthanize a pet rat?
The only really humane way to euthanize a rat is with a vet. You just have to make sure it is ...
Should I euthanize my pleco?
...add a few things. 1) There really isn't a 'nice' way to euthanize a fish and there's no way to tell if the method you chose is painless...
Should I euthanize my fish? :.(?
... to destroy the fishes brain with a sharp implement. You can also euthanize the fish quickly by severing its spinal cord just behind the head. ...
Animal shelter workers: How difficult is it to euthanize unwanted pets? Does it become routine?
... first I wasn't going to euthanize and I made that very clear to my boss... (she had been scheduled to be euthanized) and was so excited! But when ...
What does Euthanize mean?
Euthanize is a nice word for putting down an animal (killing it). Euthanize is the medical term for it.
Which animal shelters in Boston area euthanizes? They just don't advertise this info publicly!?
Actually, most open admission shelters Euthanize. They don't advertise it, but they don't hide it either. They...
Is it true that PETA euthanizes 75% of the animals they take in?
...cfm They also try to pull animals from animal shelters to euthanize them. And they compete with local shelters to get people to turn...
Does the Humane Society euthanize animals?
.... That said, every single open-admission shelter in existence euthanizes animals. The term "no-kill" is highly misleading...
why don't doctors euthanize humans?
... it is legal or in the process of becoming legal to euthanize humans. I disagree with euthanasia for humans because this ...
I have a gouldian finch with a mangled wing. I don't think he's in pain but should I euthanize?
I personally think you shouldn't euthanize it - if it doesn't appear to be in pain, and it's not... think you should just leave him alone (not euthanize him) unless until it appears to really cause...