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What are the hebrews ethnically?
Ethnically the Hebrews are considered by some to be Semites...
Race Vs. Ethnicity? What am I Ethnically?
Ethnically you are not divided into 2 races, you are uniting...
Are French people ethnically more like the English or Italians?
Ethnically, it depends. France is a very diverse country, with regions...
What are some ethnically ambiguous names?
How "ethnically ambiguous" do you want these names to be? It is hard to find...
How do MAs perform ethnically while completing their education?
Ethnically? Do you mean Ethically? Ethnically... well I'...
What is the most ethnically diverse country on earth?
It depends on what you mean by "ethnically diverse". Do you mean, the country with ... who answer that the USA is the most ethnically diverse country have not, I suspect, travelled...
how different ethnically and culturally are people in Holland from people in Sweden or Denmark or Norway?
Ethnically, the Dutch, Germans and Scandinavians are all very...
What are you, ethnically?
Ethnically, I am 2/4 Irish, 1/4 Scottish, and 1/4 Hungarian. Nationally, I am a citizen of the UK (Scotland), and am living in the US currently.
is it ethnically wrong to use natural gas?
Ethnically or ethically? Slip of the finger on the keyboard, eh? I do not think it...
Should I be embarrassed when my father describes to other people that him and me are ethnically Jewish?
Being 'ethnically Jewish' has nothing to do with your ancestry. It...