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what is eternity?
Eternity is not where God dwells. Heaven is where ...human word trying to give a name for that which has no sense of time. Eternity is forever and ever and ever. A person can spend an eternity in either ...
what is eternity..?
ETERNITY is "forever" . . .and "forever" is not HUMAN...
Lg Vu or Samsung Eternity?
Samsung Eternity!! onee of my friends havee thee vu and thee other eternity...
Q1: How do you understand the concept of eternity ... ... ... ?
. ( 1 ) . . . Eternity . . .Eternity is simply the moment of Now. Understand...
At&t Quickfire or Samsung Eternity?
eternity or quickfire?? ..definately the eternity. the camera for the quickfire is only 1.3mp and eternity's 3mp. I remember picking up a quickfire at the store and it ...
How to handle being scared of Eternity?
Eternity is beautiful! It's just, you wouldn't want to be stuck the way you are right now, within... order to have it all, you've got to be willing to lose it all! There is eternity, but eternity is always in a constant state of change... So you shouldn't have to worry about everything ...
Christians: What happens after eternity?
.... You are mistaking Eternity for One Moment In Time...that knows no end. No one enters eternity carrying the emotional burdens of the body...
how long is eternity?
Eternity is forever. Eternity is not time going on forever. Time will end. Eternity is timelessness. It may help to think of time as the express train running by the station, and eternity as the station.
How long is eternity?
How long is eternity? It is beyond our imagination. Let's just try to take... the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean, eternity would have just begun. And how tragic to spend that eternity in hell...
Lg Xenon, Samsung Eternity, or iphone 3GS?
well, i got the Eternity.. and no complaints!!! Sad thing ...on www webpage graphics some websties list the Eternity and the Poor-Mans Iphone, since...