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chemistry net ionic equations ?
Molecular equation H2SO4(aq) + 2KOH(aq) ---> K2SO4(aq) + H2O(l) ... to give Na(+)(aq) and Cl(-)(aq) So do this for the equation given total ionic equation 2H+(aq) + SO4(2-)(aq) + 2K...
Question about Chemistry equations?
A full equation shows all the things that you have added together in the mixture... into their constituent ions you get the Full ionic equation: 2Al(3+)(aq) + 6Cl(-)(aq) + 3Mg(s) ------> 2Al(s) + ...
Who was first to solve the time independent schroeder Equation?
schrodinger equation is not a very complex equation ---------------- IF U HAVE... of external potential fields. Schrödinger derived an equation that conserves energy using the wave function to describe the electron...
How to balance a equation?
Balancing chemical equations isn't difficult, once you know the way to do it. chemical on the left and in only one on the right of the equation. (But it is usually a good idea to leave...
Help on balancing equations!!!!!?
When you are balancing equations, you must have the same number of each type of..., and if we look at the newly modified equation Fe<2>O<...
how to balance equations?
An easy way to easily balance equations is to keep a tally chart, for example, lets...right side becasue we can never take ions out of an equation. So we put a 2 in front of the chlorine ion, which...
Differential Equations?
A differential equation is an equation for some function that relates the value of the function and... can think of it as a step above algebra. In algebra I give you an equation in terms of a variable and powers of that variable, e.g. x^2 + 3x...
Balancing equations ???!!!?
Balanced equation means that all the no. of elements in the compounds are equal.; Cn2O + 2HF This is called balanced equation.
simultaneous equations?
Multilpy the first equation by 3 and the 2nd equation by 2 3(2x + 3y = -3) gives you 6x + 13 gets us y = -5 Now plug y =-5 into one of the original equations 2x + 3(-5) = -3 2x - 15 = -3 2x = 12 x = 6 Never hurts to check...
Linear Equations?
A system of linear equations generally consists of two or more equations...and y, where the values of x and y satisfy both equations. Typically you use either the Elimination...