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What does "equality" and "equality of opportunity" really mean? What's and example?
'Equality' means equality under the law, under government. It means that every...innocence unless proven guilty. Racial profiling is against equality, it means that black people can be more easily hassled by the cops...
Is there really equality in the united stats?
Equality will never be totally reached because everybodies views of what... any different than what one experiences as a black person. I feel equality was reached long ago, what we are fighting for now ...
How does equality have a negitive affect an society?
True equality does not have a negative effect on society. Unfortunately, instead of...if the intent of the preference is good, it does not create or promote true equality. Consider an employer who is told that in order to comply with...
Why should women Not have equality?
I believe in equality for all people , Have (ing) said that New responsibilities...other! Yes a couple should talk over their philosophy on what they consider as equality in a relationship at the beginning of a relationship, Maybe they will be...
If feminists want equality, why are 85% of mall stores for women's clothing?
Equality… I wish that we had equality. Women have something that men... how to manipulate her man; thus, women never had an equality deficit. With the rise of the feminist movement, we now have given ...
Why is America not like theory that advocates equality?
Our constition guarantees the equality of OPPORTUNITY... NOT the equality of, and life never guarantees FAIRNESS or equality. No two human beings are the same...
How is equality mentioned in Islam?
Equality regarding what women or blacks? Both are not...
Christian Equality?
Jewish equality, will there ever be an orthodox Jewish rabbi ? ya thunk ? BTW, in orthodox...god for not making me a woman or a goyim" ya thunk this is equality ?
Meritocracy and Equality?
The concept of meritocracy and gender equality in jobs, is being implemented... are not covered meritocracy and equality as a "sine qua non" criteria, for a staff...
Equality! Come on guys! Feminism is just equality! Why so many haters?
"Equality! Come on guys! Feminism is just equality...obviously. We already know that MOST people believe in equality, even though FEW people identify as feminist. Here ...