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Why do people who are researching the cures for cancers or developing spacecrafts for travel to mars make less than CEOs of useless company?
... know, in something like 30 states, the highest-paid state employee is a state college football or basketball coach. Coaches can earn tens...
When did Yahoo Answers begin to fall apart and are there still employees at Yahoo?
We are doing our best to hold things together. In 2017, we went from 200 staff down to 4. If you people wouldn't moan and complain whenever you got your answers deleted, we could do things much...
Should government employees be forced to take an oath to not join BDS?
Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Decades ago the Supreme Court ruled that such oaths are unconstitutional.
Should we fire government employees for boycotting Israel?
If I ever run for public office, could I threaten to fire my employees who don’t vote for me?
sure. of course, you'll not know who they actually vote for since voting here is secret -- and thus most would probably vote against your tyranny -- just to spite you
One of my employees is a narcissist. I am his boss and I am struggling with managing him and his outburst. Any tips to help manage him?
How does his narcissism manifest its self in the workplace? Update: I'd performance manage him straight out of the business. That's how I'd handle him.
How much home time do CSX engineers get?
...36 or 48. There is no set schedule especially for a newbie. NEW employees tend to start in yard positions and these are local shifts and...
Why do Liberals think NY State was going to give 3 billion to Amazon when it would have come from Amazon revenue....? place that amount was just cents on the dollar In future corp/employee (25,000) taxes alone!!!!!!!
Was our boss being mean to us?
Oh give me a break. It wasn't sexist, it was a witty joke to something an employee said that probably should have been a private conversation. I swear people now-a-days just can't take a joke.
Why do good guys fall for manipulative gold diggers? The Jeff Bezos scenario is digusting?
...if he is a cheater. Also good guys do not treat their employee's like crap and pay them next to nothing all the while they are...