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What are the penalties for not paying an employee who was fired in Arkansas?
She can go to the labor board. You can wind up paying her 3 times what you owe her.
Asking someone for help with hiring an employee and then ignoring the person: weirdo?
You did nothing wrong, something may have changed in his situation and now he's embarrassed and doesn't want to talk to you.
Republicans: Do you resent the fact that public employees get 11 paid holidays per year? If it were up to you, would you reduce it to 6?
Republicans would reduce yours to six and raise theirs to sixteen.. I'm not a Republican. I want to raise everyone's holidays to 30 per year. If other places in the world can be successful at that, there is no reason why...
How come companies like Starbucks care more about pushing an anti-white narrative than profit?
They are owned by Free Masons and Jews who are desperate to destroy white values and take over the world with a Satanic Marxist one world government.
I am 7 months pregnant by a married man he keeps telling me he is unhappy and leavig his wife soon but then he always finds excuses...?
Yes, end the relationship now. This man is a con artist. The biggest red flag (which you unfortunately ignored, but lesson learned) is that he hid the fact that he was married from you for years. That's not an "...
Why don't I ever see ABC employee's wearing US. Flag lapel pins?
The full name of the ABC company is 'Australian Broadcasting Company'. They refused to wear US flag pins because they are commies.
How to Anonymously OUT Cheating Boss to his Wife?
Paper mail. Take pictures and send it in snail mail
How should I anonymously tell my boss’ wife he’s cheating on her?
You should tell
Am I being realistic and honest about female working environments?
I think "Bing Bing" is just as wrong as somebody would be if they said a woman walking into an all-male work place could expect no issues. And yeah, we've lost a lot of male K-12 teachers because of the mere threat of pedophilia, where...
If our economy is "the best ever" as Trump claims, why did he propose cutting raises for federal employees?
He is lying. The CBO says so. He fabricates over and over everything he does made to look like he is in complete control and all is right with America. When in fact the poor are getting...